Jeeves Buys Back Shares

admin September 2007

From September 3 to September 13, 2007, Jeeves Information Systems AB bought back 148,249 shares, which the company intends to invalidate. This corresponds to approximately 5% of the total capital and number of votes in the company. The buyback was at an average rate of SEK 69.94 and totals SEK 10,369,080.

The buyback was in line with the board's decision from August 28, 2007 to within the framework of the authorization from the annual general meeting of May 15, 2007 provide execution management for the buyback of no more than 5% of the total number of shares. Prior to September 3 (the start of the buyback), Jeeves held no own shares.

The total number of shares in Jeeves Information Systems (prior to invalidation of the shares that were bought back) is 2,987,864.