Jeeves and IBM Partner to Offer Jeeves On Demand

admin October 2007

"The fact via our Jeeves Partners we, together with IBM, can offer Jeeves ERP On Demand will play a significant role for our future competitive ability. Many customers are looking over costs for operating their systems and servers while at the same time evaluating how to make maximum use of the ERP system. Jeeves ERP On Demand is just the cost-effective and flexible solution that customers are looking for," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales and Marketing Director of Jeeves Information Systems.

Jeeves ERP On Demand is a flexible operating service tailored to Jeeves ERP, where IBM handles operation and maintenance of the system's servers. The customer can obtain the exact capacity and functionality needed at the time at a fixed monthly cost per user. This enables the customer company to free up capital that is otherwise tied up when it chooses to handle this itself.

Jeeves ERP On Demand provides cost-effective and reliable operation adapted to the customer's current needs, while at the same time it can be adapted to meet the demands of tomorrow. If the customer needs to change the capacity in the server environment or the number of users or needs to change the functionality in Jeeves ERP, the operating service can be easily adapted.

In the cooperation between Jeeves Information Systems and IBM, great importance has been placed on making Jeeves ERP On Demand the market's most reliable solution. For this reason, the servers are located in doubled and secure computer halls, where hardware and software are continually upgraded. For the highest possible level of operating reliability, the IT infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jeeves ERP On Demand also includes customer service and support for database administration, operating statistics, documentation and security.

"The customers that entrust their system operation to us are offered the most modern IT infrastructure on the market," says Stanley Ekberg, Head of IBM Sales to small and midsize companies in Sweden. "With Jeeves ERP On Demand, our customers ensure the operation of their business-critical processes," he said.

Jeeves Information Systems and IBM decided to launch Jeeves ERP On Demand because total solutions such as this are in demand at an ever-increasing level. Maintenance and operation of server environments are often costly for midsize companies - a cost that can now be reduced as you only have to pay for the capacity used.

Jeeves ERP On Demand is sold by Jeeves Information Systems business partners – none simply as Jeeves Partners. They handle installation, customizations and support for the Jeeves ERP system while IBM is responsible for the servers and operating support.