Interim Report Q3 Jan-Sep 2007

admin November 2007

January – September 2007

- Revenue totalled 94.5 (85.0), an increase of 11% (30)
- Program revenue (licensing and maintenance) increased by 10% (35)
- Net operating income was MSEK 12.9 (8.9) and the operating margin totalled 14% (11)
- Earnings after tax amounted to MSEK 10.7 (6.8) and the income margin was 11% (8)
- Per-share earnings after tax were SEK 3.6 (2.3)
- Cash flow was MSEK 2.1 (1.5), including dividend and buyback of own shares totalling MSEK 13.3 and liquid assets and short-term investments totalling MSEK 32.1 (29.7)

CEO comments on the results
Third quarter earnings made it the absolute best quarter yet for Jeeves. Fourth quarter prospects are promising.
All group companies have shown a positive earnings trend during the third quarter. Earnings must be considered from a perspective where good license sales combined with three months of maintenance revenue (Jeeves' largest form of revenue) and lower operating costs during vacation months had a positive effect on margins.

I consider Jeeves' good result satisfying, but emphasize the importance of continuing to drive Jeeves toward further improved growth, particularly with a focus on larger customers, larger partners in more countries and acquisitions.