HL Display Upgrades to Polish Version of Jeeves

admin October 2007

"Never before have I seen such a well-developed local version," said Andrzej Lesniewski, Project Manager for HL Display Poland.

HL Display, a leader in retail trade communication, operates in 32 countries. A previous Group decision required that all Group operations use the same ERP system version. The intention is to keep maintenance costs down. Now, all operations use Jeeves ERP 9.0, international version for their business-critical processes.

HL Display, however, has now decided to deviate from the Group decision and implement Jeeves ERP 9.2, Polish version, for its operations in Poland. This gives users benefits such as a user-friendly interface where everything is written in Polish. Jeeves ERP 9.2 also has deepened functionality that is tailored to Polish business.

"One of our employees showed us the advantages she would gain by being able to use the Polish version of Jeeves ERP 9.2. Her selling points combined with the clearly visible business advantages made us decide to deviate from our Group decision. We realized that the gain in profitability would be greater than the increase in maintenance caused when our Polish operations upgrade to Jeeves ERP 9.2. This made the decision an easy one," said Andrzej Lesniewski.

HL Display's decision gives Jeeves Information Systems in Poland a renowned reference customer and a clear indication that the work invested in developing Polish version of Jeeves ERP was a giant step in the right direction.

"Our main focus is on selling the Polish version of Jeeves ERP 9.2 to new customers in Poland. The fact that existing customers, such as HL Display, also choose to upgrade to the Polish version is a sign that our product development truly succeeds in its work to make our customers' businesses more efficient," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales and Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.