German Breakthrough for Jeeves

admin October 2007

The deal was made through the collaboration of two Jeeves Information Systems partners - Omnilog in Sweden and eQstend in Germany. The total order value is initially estimated at SEK 3.5 million.

"Thomas Beton will be an important reference customer for us in the German market," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director of Jeeves Information Systems.

Thomas Concrete Group operates in Sweden, Germany and Poland. The company manufactures over 4 million cubic meters of concrete each year. Swedish operations are run through the wholly owned subsidiary Färdig Betong AB, which is Sweden's largest concrete supplier. Jeeves ERP has supported the business-critical processes of Färdig Betong since 1999 - a solution that became the foundation of the concrete and construction industry solution that exists for Jeeves ERP. Thomas Concrete Group has now chosen to also implement Jeeves ERP in its German company, Thomas Beton.

"The combination of standard solutions and inherent flexibility in Jeeves ERP gives us a total solution for our industry-specific needs. It also enables us to establish a cooperation between the German and Swedish operations through the ERP system. This is in line with our ambitions to form form stronger bonds between our geographically separated operations, giving us control and utilization of resources," said Lars Wiking, CIO of Thomas Concrete Group.

The deal is a cooperation between two Jeeves partners - Swedish Omnilog and Germany eQstend. Omnilog, which already had a working relationship with Färdig Betong and the concrete and construction industry, passed on its experiences to eQstend, which will be the partner that implements Jeeves ERP at Thomas Beton. The total order value amounts to SEK 2.5 million and includes functions for Accounting, Production, Stock Management and Distribution.

"It is important to have cooperation between different parties. This makes it possible to spread information quickly and raises the quality of what we provide our customers. Omnilog's experience will help us at eQstend get on the right track more quickly, which not only ensures that Thomas Beton gets a quality-assured implementation but also well equips us for future projects," said Oliver Schlüter, Business Developer at eQstend.

Jeeves Information Systems considers the deal with Thomas Beton a breakthrough in the German market, even though the company has operated in Germany since 1998 and has a number of German customers.

"In Sweden, we have proven that Jeeves ERP is the system for midsize manufacturing companies. Thomas Beton's choice of Jeeves ERP is proof that with a strong product and skilled partner network, we are in serious competition for midsize companies on a global level," said Lars Dahlberg of Jeeves Information Systems.