The Fresh Company was Created in Parallel to the Implementation of Jeeves ERP

admin October 2007

"The implementation is a dress rehearsal for JIA and is unique for Jeeves ERP," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales & Marketing Director at Jeeves Information Systems.

The Fresh Company is a newly started company. Operations were started in the late spring of 2006. The business concept is to offer Swedish consumers Sweden's only fresh juice, meaning the juice from oranges, blood oranges, clementines, grapefruit, lemons, limes and carrots are not heat treated or preserved. Because the life of the products is based on the press time and sell-by date, the ERP system with its warehouse and distribution functionality plays a decisive role.

"We needed to get a fully functional ERP system up in running while at the same time starting our business. SYSteam's selling points for Jeeves ERP as the best-suited ERP system based on the tight project time combined with our demands for an advanced distribution solution proved to be in harmony. The project flowed perfectly and we now have the exact support in the ERP system that our business requires," said Peter Josefsson, President of The Fresh Company.

SYSteam is one of Jeeves Information Systems' biggest collaborative partners. They have developed a quick and slim implementation environment and methodology for Jeeves ERP that they call QS3. QS3 comprises standardized and preconfigured components and tools that speed up the implementation process. Based on The Fresh Company's conditions, needs and expectations, they chose to conduct the project using QS3.

"The entire project took less than three months. We had to work from the ground up while the business was being started at the same time. Then add the fact that we also created an extremely advanced distribution solution for The Fresh Company and there is nothing more to say other than that the total solution is a success," said Ulf Ström, Project Manager at SYSteam.

Earlier in autumn, Jeeves Information Systems launched its new implementation package Jeeves Implementation Accelorator (JIA), which is designed to streamline implementation. JIA is a further refinement of SYSteam's QS3 and was developed by Jeeves Information System in cooperation with SYSteam and ISE Konsult.

"You could say that The Fresh Company project was, in many respects, a dress rehearsal for JIA. With The Fresh Company, SYSteam showed that a standardized implementation methodology is extremely profitable for both the customer and our collaborative partners. Not only does it make projects go faster, but it also increases the quality of projects. JIA is the melody of the future and a winner for all involved," said Lars Dahlberg, Sales and Marketing Director for Jeeves Information Systems.