Daniel Göhlin Appointed General Manager of Jeeves

admin August 2014

Göhlin Enrolls New Swedish Management Team to Manage and Grow Jeeves ERP and Garp ERP Product Lines

STOCKHOLM, August 28, 2014—Jeeves Information Systems AB (Jeeves), a provider of midmarket ERP software solutions, today announced the appointment of Daniel Göhlin, former vice president of sales and marketing, as general manager of Jeeves. Headquartered in Stockholm, the Jeeves business unit delivers the Jeeves ERP software solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies in more than 40 countries around the world, and the Garp ERP system to small and midsize manufacturing and distribution companies based in Sweden.

Following Jeeves’ recent acquisition of SolvAxis, Göhlin’s appointment represents a separation between the company’s M&A growth initiatives and the operations of its “national champion” business units. “The Jeeves ERP and Garp ERP product lines serve thousands of customers and a vast network of partners,” said Jeff Tognoni, CEO of Jeeves. “We have found a passionate and knowledgeable leader in Daniel, as he has deep familiarity with both products’ customers and markets. We are thrilled to have him at the helm, backed by the support of a newly appointed Swedish management team.”

Following his appointment, Göhlin has brought together a local executive leadership team, including Carl-Johan Ahlsell, Director, Sales & Marketing; Marina Åkerman, VP, Support; Gunilla Blixt, Director, Development; Anna Eriksson, Finance Director; Ann Fredriksson, HR Manager; Magnus Grönvik, Director, Product Management; and Andrea Wetterberg, VP, Services.

“I’m thrilled to begin the exciting work of growing the Jeeves business unit with this motivated and experienced group of leaders,” said Göhlin. “Following last year’s acquisition of Infocube, Jeeves continues to execute on our strategy to become closer and closer to our customers. Our recent release of Jeeves ERP Version 4 represented our first customer-driven product release and included more than 1,750 customer-requested enhancements. We’re already mapping out the next generation of Jeeves ERP in Version 5, as well as inventing new ways to involve our customers at every phase of the development cycle.”

Göhlin explained he will continue to focus Jeeves’ local resources on delivering the functionality and services his customers are asking for, while leveraging the greater business to find expansion opportunities, as well as operational synergies. “One of the most exciting steps we have taken is developing a Jeeves cloud offering, which will be available in the coming months,” he said. “Cloud computing is increasingly becoming an important strategic concept for the IT departments of midmarket companies, and gaining share in planned IT spend. Our customers are expressing pains around the complexity of their existing deployments, while needing to be better prepared to scale for growth and change.”


Jeeves Information Systems AB (Jeeves) is a growing provider of ERP software solutions for small to midmarket manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide. From our headquarters in Stockholm and regional office locations, as well as through our vast network of partners, Jeeves serves more than 2,000 customers in 40 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Since its inception in 1992, Jeeves has focused its people, processes and technology on helping its customers celebrate (and automate) what makes them different. Learn more at www.jeeveserp.com or email info@jeeves.se.