CompuTec Selects Jeeves as Strategic Partner

admin September 2012

Based out of Hartland, Wisconsin, CompuTec is a software, technology and professional services provider with a strong and dedicated industry experience, backed by a team of highly experienced consultants.

Many companies are technologically constrained by operating outdated computer software that runs their business. Staying current with the latest software releases has traditionally been both time-consuming and expensive. Companies are looking to streamline costs and operate with fewer complexities with their computer systems.

Jeeves ERP, a fully integrated solution that offers businesses the advantage of a flexible system on standardized software packages for manufacturing, wholesale and trade, can be upgraded quickly and easily. This provides customers with access to new functionalities and an always-current ERP system.

“In today’s global economy, companies need to be current and at the leading edge with their technology before they are passed by. The future is NOW with Jeeves ERP,” said Mick Kapetanovic, president of CompuTec Integrated Solutions. “We are excited to be part of the rapidly growing Jeeves circle of friends.”

“Jeeves is pleased that CompuTec has chosen Jeeves ERP as its premier ERP solution in its go-to market strategy,” said Allan Lessing, vice president, sales/channel management for Jeeves Information Systems Inc. “We see Jeeves ERP as being the true intelligent choice for manufacturing and distribution companies that understand the value of the ‘new thinking’ that Jeeves provides to its clients, who are seeking a flexible business enabler of continuous improvements for their business operations. Jeeves delivers a very agile ERP philosophy of highly flexible, adaptable solutions that deliver an extremely attractive cost of ownership for its clients. Clients are looking for solutions that allow them to maximize competitive advantage through, and we are pleased that CompuTec saw this in making its decision.”