Jeeves eSales is ideal for companies that require a cost-effective B2B solution that not only presents a product catalog to customers, but can also publish product-related material, such as specifications, manuals, and more. Your customers will have the opportunity to check the status of their orders and their order history.

With Jeeves eSales, you can take advantage of the web to introduce your products to new markets and customers. With online access to your product catalog and materials, your customers can easily and efficiently get an overview of available products and pricing and, of course, order directly online. What’s more, facilitating online orders reduces the administrative burden and costs associated with collecting orders via other channels.





All Infomation Available in the Web Shop

All the information housed within Jeeves ERP is available for display on your web site. As a result, there is enormous flexibility in how your web shop comes to life, and less administration in keeping the site up to date with the latest product information.

Product Catalog Information

You can publish either a general catalog or a customer-unique catalog with selected products.

Current Stock Balance

Because of Jeeves eSales’ integration with the core system, accurate stock balances are available for your customers in real time.

Current Price

The price of a product for a particular customer can be displayed on the web and considers price lists and discounts.

Connection to Optional Items

Optional or supplementary items can be shown when a product is selected by the user. As a result, you can market and sell related items, upselling and cross-selling in the “moment of need.”

Link to Alternative Item

When a product is no longer available in the catalog, you can link to alternative product(s) that the customer can buy instead.

Customer-Specific Items

With Jeeves eSales, you can display products that only a particular customer can buy. For example, you can show custom made, branded or unique items that are specific to a customer.

Custom Product Catalog

Jeeves eSales provides you with the flexibility you need to build a custom product catalog with multiple levels, regardless of how the product is classified in the Jeeves ERP item list. Unique catalogs can be displayed for different customers.

Group Management

With Jeeves eSales, your customers can add and manage multiple subsidiaries, as well as control which users can log in and what authority they may have.

Language Management

Product information can be displayed in various languages and can default to the customer’s own language.

Order and Invoice History

Customers can view their own orders, including status and invoice history.


Documentation, such as manuals, drawings, or instructional videos, can be published on your web store by linking documents to the product using Jeeves EDM.

Alternative Graphic Profile

Your web store can be defined to offer a different appearance for different customers, providing you with the option to offer several storefronts for different customer categories, all from a single solution.

Responsive Web Design

The web page will automatically resize and adapt if it is used on a smart phone or a tablet.

Jeeves eSales

Offer your customers a web store that interacts with your Jeeves system in real time