Jeeves ERP for Wholesale Distribution ensures that multilateral management, efficient distribution, and trading can be done across multiple companies and warehouses. Your stock is optimized by managing forecasts, service levels, cover days, calendars, pick-up times and WMS.

Jeeves ERP is uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of the wholesale distribution industry. What's more, it's extremely flexible, allowing you to customize the system to meet the unique operational requirements of your business today, with the ability to scale and change for where you want to be tomorrow.

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Wholesale Trade

An industry in the midst of a generation shift

Today's changing shopping patterns affect the wholesale trade industry to a great extent. Exponentially increasing e-commerce has dramatically reduced barriers to entry. pening up global markets for all kinds of products that were once local. Meanwhile, the fast-paced changes in online and mobile technology have continued to keep wholesalers on their feet, creating both opportunities and challenges.

Increased global competition and a both shorter and cheaper time to market is forcing the entire supply chain to reduce margins. In order to meet these challenges head on, wholesalers require:

  • more efficient logistics flows throughout the value chain
  • a forecast management platform that continuously detects market fluctuations
  • unlimited opportunities for differentiated prices and discounts
  • unique customer branding/packaging.

Jeeves ERP for Wholesale Trade can handle these requirements, and much more. Process automation and actionable insight will ensure that you're running your operations in the most cost-effective manner possible, while still finding ways to delight your partners and the end consumer.

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