The pressure of the current marketplace in terms of margins, due dates, and penalties for lateness require, on top of experience, the use of proactive tools that help you to manage unknown factors, anticipate problems, and reduce administrative and production costs. 

Jeeves ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing helps you manage projects with multiple stakeholders, engineering, audits, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket service ... across multiple companies, warehouses, regions and countries.

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Project-Based Manufacturing

An industry increasingly focused on costs

For project-driven manufacturing, the challenges are many:

  • Increased global competition
  • Increased focus on costs
  • Increased demand on delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Continuous changes with subcontracts and multiple subcontractors
  • Dependence on milestones to be checked and secured

In addition, there are industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements that demand an increased focus on regulatory compliance, traceability, documentation and administration.

What's more, new market channels and public procurement create complex sales and auditing processes. This in turn, leads to time-consuming, manual data entry and complex approval workflows, adding time and risk to the projects that you're trying to keep efficient and profitable.

Jeeves ERP for Project-Based Manufacturing delivers the flexible business process automation and industry features you need to deliver on time and whithin budget.

Section: Projektstyrd tillverkning

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