With Jeeves for the Chemical Industry, you can manage the development, manufacturing and distribution of chemical products across multiple companies, warehouses, regions and countries. The solution is uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements for the industry, with features such as traceability, multiple lots, packaging, scheduling, container handling, and process manufacturing. What's more, Jeeves ERP is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize the system to meet the unique operational requirements of your business today, with the ability to scale and change for where you want to be tomorrow.

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Chemical Industry

An industry facing increased industry-specific rules and directives

Today, many companies in the chemical industry are challenged with increasing levels of industry regulation, global competition, and quality standards. Meanwhile, they feel continued pressure to maintain margins and cost control in order to meet shareholders' demands for profitability. Through the support of a flexible business system, companies in the chemical sector can streamline and automate the business processes that help them face these challenges head on.

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Lahega Kemi

Jeeves ERP also has made it possible to streamline other processes within the company.