West International

Choice to upgrade creates platform for growth

West International, a leading distributor of banking and retail equipment, moved from an old version of Jeeves ERP to the solution’s latest version. The company evaluated several other systems, but the decision was made to stick with Jeeves ERP.
West International was founded in 1988 and since then has been one of the leading distributors of equipment to the banking and retail markets, with an emphasis on cash and information terminals, card readers, printers, and scanners. The company’s goal is to become a leading provider of solutions for future cash and payment systems in the Nordic countries.
“Achieving growth of 30–40 percent per year demanded a lot from us, but also a lot from our ERP system,” said Andreas Lindén, CFO at West International. ”We were running an older version of Jeeves ERP. The upgrade was a necessary and natural step in creating a stable platform for continued growth.” 


A number of other systems were evaluated before the decision was made to upgrade. The conclusion was that the new version of Jeeves ERP was the system that would best support West International in its international expansion. Determining factors were Jeeves ERP’s comprehensive language management, web-shop solution, sales support, and intercompany transactions (ICT).
“We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to become more efficient,” said Lindén. ”Soon, we will evaluate Jeeves BI (Business Intelligence) for its additional support for financial analysis. We are also going to improve our web shop, to optimize order flow, for instance. Jeeves ERP contains plenty of functionality and special features to be discovered.” 

Jeeves ERP’s smart structure enabled us to upgrade so smoothly! In a short time, we gained access to lots of new functionality that opens up many new opportunities.

—Andreas Lindén, CFO


Jeeves ERP’s architecture and design made it possible to upgrade, in one fell swoop, from a very old version, to the latest version. The ease of upgrade is primarily because the system’s architecture stores company-specific settings and adjustments separately in a site repository. “Jeeves ERP’s smart structure enabled us to upgrade so smoothly!” said Lindén. ”In a short time, we gained access to lots of new functionality that opens up many new opportunities.”
West International upgraded to the newest version of Jeeves ERP using the following steps:
  • The new functionality in Jeeves ERP was analyzed in several workshops using eight hours of consultant time. 
  • A technical installation of the new version was made in parallel with the old version over a period of two days, while application databases and settings were upgraded to work in the new version.
  • Next, crucial workflows and processes were tested. This process involved about four people, and the areas tested thoroughly during this period were finance, purchasing, sales, inventory management, and technology, along with integration with other systems.
  • After verifying the flows in the new version worked as desired, the installation was approved.
  • During the launch, which took place over a weekend, West International engaged some consultants as extra help in authentication, to enhance the solution’s handling of procedures, flows, and volumes.
  • After the launch, system documentation was updated.
The project for upgrading Jeeves lasted two months. During this period, the four project members from West International spent about two days a week on the changeover, alongside their regular duties.


West International staff members continuously improve the processes in the system themselves, especially in accounting and finance. The large increase in international volumes is constantly making new demands. “With Jeeves ERP, we have the secure platform we need to grow rapidly,” said Lindén. ”Jeeves ERP has really proved its great potential. In retrospect, the choice to upgrade our existing system rather than choose a new ERP system was spot on.”