Vitamin Research Products

Jeeves provides the perfect formula for VRP

With Jeeves ERP, Vitamin Research Products is now better able to keep records and history for every batch of vitamins, ensuring the best quality control for their customers.

Vitamin Research Products (VRP) has been in the nutraceutical or vitamin business since 1979. When the company first began, the idea of anti-aging and life extension products were still in the infant stages. Intrigued with the concept, a small group of dedicated scientists and research chemists came together to create their own company and develop their own special formulas, and so Vitamin Research Products was born. 
With a foundation of solid, scientific scrutiny, talented research teams spent hours poring through hundreds of journals and research abstracts to identify the nutrients vital for optimal health. They then began the meticulous process of selecting the highest quality herbal extracts and pharmaceutical-grade nutrient powders to match the same superior grade used today in cutting edge biomedical research. In fact, their exceptional quality has earned them a GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice Certification. 
Good Manufacturing Practices are regulatory requirements that provide guidelines for necessary processes, procedures and documentation to assure that the products produced have the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that they are represented to possess.

Un-intergrated Software and self-made connectivity don't mix 

VRP has approximately one hundred employees and is located in Carson City, Nevada. From its headquarters, VRP manufactures, sells and markets its vitamin products to doctors, businesses and consumers mainly in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, the company’s commitment to quality and customer service began to suffer as a result of un-integrated software systems. With separate accounting and order processing systems, VRP was forced to create homegrown connectivity between the two packages. As is often the case, there were several issues with the custom-built connection. 
Bert Martin, chief operating officer for VRP recalled, ”We had no reference integrity in our data because the connectivity we had written for ourselves was far from perfect. We were constantly finding errors and inaccurate data which ended up causing a lot of problems with our customers. It was difficult to find out what was going on at any point in time, and hard to manage our processes, and I decided to do some research to see if I could find something better.”
Armed with specific criteria for a new system including a fully integrated ERP package, with a high level of flexibility and a low total cost of ownership, Martin initially found and researched around 75 software packages. 
Martin continued: ”After locating 75 packages, I narrowed them down to about 27. Then I put together a team who helped me reduce these options down to the top three choices. After about eight months of research we selected the perfect solution, Jeeves ERP.”

Jeeves is the key to a long healthy life for Vitamin Research Products 

Jeeves ERP is a flexible ERP solution that empowers companies to develop their business and rationalize their processes. With world-class functionality and an innovative user interface, it integrates easily and has a low total cost of ownership. 
“Jeeves ERP was the best we could find on total cost of ownership, and it is an extremely flexible package,” said Martin. ”We were very concerned about future changes and adapting the software to our needs as we grow, and this software accommodates for all of that.”Further, being so malleable, Jeeves ERP had the capability and functionality to meet each of their specific requirements. Of the implementation Martin recalled: “Implementations are never easy. I have done three of them in my lifetime, and they are never without challenges. But of those I have been involved with, the conversion to Jeeves ERP was by far the easiest.”
With a new completely integrated ERP solution, Vitamin Research Products is well on its way to future success and growth. “We now have access to real-time information which gives us the opportunity to give immediate attention to any difficulties that may arise,” said Martin. ”Another great thing is that everyone gets involved with Jeeves ERP because it is such a user-friendly system. Under our old system, some of our staff had created their own individual manual processes on the side and now they don’t have to use them. This gives us much more accurate data, and allows us to better regulate every aspect of our business. We know exactly where every bottle of our product is going, who bought it, and so forth.”
Martin added: “Jeeves ERP has done a wonderful job of standardizing screens and the navigation within screens. For example, if you know how to use the screen in Quality Control, you can use the one in Sales; they work the same. This made user adoption extremely easy. The best part is, as a GMP house, VRP is now better able to keep records and history for every batch of vitamins, ensuring the best quality control and historical record possible.”