Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers turnkey solution for one of Scandinavia's fastest growing pharma companies

When Unimedic chose Jeeves ERP as its business system in 2007, the decision was primarily based on the company’s needs for a more effective production management solution. At the time, the company had no idea it would expand to become one of Scandinavia's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. Unlike other ERP systems, Jeeves ERP is built on a dynamic application model architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. Because of these system qualities, Unimedic was able to develop, adapt and upgrade the system as they expanded to become the company that is known today as Unimedic Pharma, part of the MedCap Group.

Unimedic’s growth accelerated in 2012 and 2013 when the company first acquired Ergobe Pharma, followed later by Methadone Pharma Done and Cross Pharma. In 2014, Unimedic Pharma AB was established, which included new sales and marketing operations. Today, the group has over 150 employees across several companies which—except for one company in Poland—all run Jeeves ERP.

In conjunction with the company’s planned upgrade to Jeeves ERP Version 4.0, Unimedic Pharma recently decided to consume its entire ERP system and environment as a service via Jeeves’ new product offering, Jeeves ERP Cloud. Jeeves ERP Cloud is a fully maintained and fully supported cloud solution, spanning software, platform and infrastructure services.

Jeeves ERP at the heart of it all, scaling through growth and change

Unimedic Pharma's operations are concentrated in three business areas: 1) contract manufacturing / CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), 2) pharmacy services (which develops new products), and 3) specialty pharma (which offers services throughout the value chain for registered drugs).

2014 was a busy year for the group. The company went to market with its products in Denmark; secured contracts with all pharmacy chains in Sweden; and developed several new products (the company stocks more than 500 products for pharmacies, hospitals and clinics). 

Because Unimedic Pharma plans to continue strengthening its market position both in Sweden and internationally, the company has placed a high value on the development of its long-term ERP strategy. As part of this strategy, the internal team has developed extensive product expertise. Many of the system customizations have been developed in-house, and the company’s IT department has taken the lead in implementing Jeeves ERP within each acquired company.

“Jeeves ERP's flexibility and openness has been important for us over the years,” said Unimedic Pharma’s CFO Jesper Severin. “When needed, it has given us the opportunity to make many customizations. It also has been easy to respond to the specific requirements of different pharmaceutical companies. We have also successfully implemented major integration projects with Jeeves. One example is the e-commerce solution we implemented within the pharmacy service operation in the fall of 2014.”

No additional IT investment required for an ERP cloud strategy

In 2014, the group was at a crossroads. Not only was Jeeves ERP’s latest version available (v4), but some of the company locations were also requiring server upgrades. These tasks prompted discussion of the company’s options.

“We could have invested in new servers, or we could have also hosted the solution externally,” said Severin.  “As a third option, we could move to Jeeves ERP Cloud, giving Jeeves broad responsibility for our total ERP solution. One of the advantages of choosing a cloud service from Jeeves was a clear division of responsibilities between Jeeves and Unimedic Pharma. This was an important point for us. Another important factor was that we would not have to further invest in IT resources that would have otherwise been required had we continued with our own operation.”

Confidence in a reliable ERP environment; more resources for other areas of IT service

Unimedic Pharma's continued growth and expansion remained one of the most important factors in its evaluation of Jeeves ERP Cloud. The system needed to be able to scale to accommodate the addition of new companies, as well as the ongoing evolution of the group’s enterprise IT environment.

“Selecting the Jeeves ERP Cloud service will allow our IT department to focus on more important areas of IT service, including user issues and internal support,” said Severin. “Having the service also ensures the continued development of our business system through the responsibilities Jeeves takes on as our partner. We become less dependent and vulnerable. In the growth phase we are in, and with all of the requirements our company places on the ERP system, it is extremely important that we have a reliable business environment. It must be stable and secure, and we now give that responsibility to Jeeves.”

A barely noticeable implementation and a simplified life

A low total cost of ownership is important for many of Jeeves’ customers, and Unimedic Pharma is no exception. Jeeves ERP Cloud takes all of the company’s ERP-related expenses—from hardware and infrastructure to software, maintenance and support—and delivers it all for a single monthly fee. To Severin, transitioning away from managing this complex set of internal costs and resources signifies project success.

“All of the expectations we initially set have been realized,” he said. “The implementation went smoothly and, the fact is, our users around the organization hardly noticed it. Jeeves provided fast and responsive support for our upgrade to Version 4, and our super users will continue to rely on Jeeves’ product experts for top-to-bottom support on our Jeeves ERP Cloud implementation.”