Scan Coin

Flexible upgrades important to world leader of coin-handling solutions

Scan Coin, a world leader in currency handling, selected Jeeves ERP as its new ERP system, guided by requirements that demanded high alignment with the company’s unique and developing workflow processes. 


[We worked with] committed consultants that were solution minded.

— Peter Wessner, CFO

Scan Coin aims to add value to its customers’ operations by creating smart solutions that allow them to handle coins and paper currency more effectively. Founded in the 1960’s, Scan Coin’s original focus was coins - hence the name - and its products were revolutionary at the time. Forward-thinking products, and an early entry into the global market contributed to Scan Coin’s rapid growth. 
The company’s coin-handling model has gradually broadened. Scan Coin’s acquisition of SoftOne as part of a drive to deliver integrated solutions capable of linking Scan Coin products to other software systems. 
Scan Coin’s approach has proven effective at improving the customer’s bottom line, as in the application of a custom solution for a leading security company. Scan Coin implemented its solutions in this customer’s new, state-of-the-art facility and, as a result, more than doubled cash-counting capacity, permitted higher productivity, improved customer service levels, and provided a better, more ergonomically-friendly work environment. As Scan Coin has added value to its customers, so has Jeeves ERP helped to enable Scan Coin’s success.

Flexibility is the key

”Our requirements for the ERP system are practically the same today as they were when we selected Jeeves ERP,” said Peter Wessner, CFO at Scan Coin. ”It’s tremendously important to us that the system permit flexible upgrades, where the special solutions we develop in the system follow into the new version. Jeeves ERP also has contributed greatly to streamlining our production flows. An example of this is that changes in technology, which occur during a long product life cycle, can easily be incorporated into the production flow. Jeeves ERP is also integration friendly, and it has been easy to integrate a third-party service management system.”

Expansion ahead

Jeeves has been used in Scan Coin’s Swedish business operation since the start, though there are plans to expand and install the solution in more locations, such as England and the rest of Scandinavia.
”Our collaboration with Jeeves has worked well over the years, with committed consultants that are solution minded,” said Wessner. ”This attitude is very important, making it possible for us to continue developing and modifying Jeeves ERP according to the demands made by new processes as we expand.”