Nordic Plastics Group

Combining three companies into one demands a flexible ERP

Significant synergy follows when three companies combine to become Scandinavia’s largest contract manufacturer of plastic components. To acheive this, Nordic Plastics Group chose Jeeves ERP as a platform.
Looking to capitalize on synergies and economies of scale, Nordic Plastics Group, the result of a merger between three subsidiaries of the Swedish industrial group Söderbergföretagen, was formed by Andrén & Söner in Gothenburg, STI Industriplast in Malmö and Helsingborg, and Molybon in Trelleborg. The resulting entity is the largest manufacturer of semi-finished and processed plastic components in the Nordic market.
The ERP system of choice for this new corporation, Jeeves ERP, had already been adopted by another member of the Söderbergföretagen group, namely the thermoset and thermoplastic processor Elisolation. One of the challenges, to consolidate the operations of the three companies, was compounded by the rapid pace of the merger, but the group’s previous experience with Jeeves ERP helped raise the level of confidence for a successful implementation.

Providing an end-to-end solution

Nordic Plastics Group has close to 175 employees, and more than a hundred of them accessed Jeeves ERP in the course of their work. Employees would use Jeeves ERP across a wide variety of functions for streamlined workflow, analysis and control, including customer relationship management, purchasing, production and inventory management, as well as business intelligence, powered by QlikView.
”We had different ERP systems in each company, and one of them had an earlier version of Jeeves ERP installed for several years,” said Per Knutsson, VP of Finance at Nordic Plastics Group. ”Although this company had similar operations, [we needed] a consolidated ERP system to make it possible to streamline the processes and win valuable synergies. The gains in synergy are to be found, for example, in production, administration and finance, as well as in sales. By using Qlikview, we´ll be able to holistically see customers that may have had all three companies as suppliers, which will simplify the sales work.”

Supporting diverse processes

The orientation of Nordic Plastics Group’s operation places high demands on the adaptability of the Jeeves ERP system, as well as on the Jeeves consultants. The company has one of the largest inventories of sheet and extruded plastic stock in Scandinavia, and also offers custom solutions optimized for its customers’ applications. Nordic Plastics Group provides support for every stage in the process, from idea to complete installation.
To make the ERP system support the diverse processes has not been an easy task. The operation is complex and each branch unique, resulting in high demands on the entire implementation team. According to Knutsson, ”Despite the high demands, Jeeves ERP has been able to respond exceedingly well to our requirements.”

Despite the high demands, Jeeves ERP has been able to respond exceedingly well to our requirements

— Per Knutsson