Kao Sweden AB

Delivery times cut by an entire day

Since its beginning in 1985, Persea Sverige AB has developed into a leading full-service supplier of the Swedish hairdressing market. The move from a homegrown ERP system to Jeeves ERP a few years ago enhanced company functions and activities.
Kao Sweden AB is a full service supplier of the Swedish hairdressing market. The company was founded in 1985, and a year later took over agency for the brand Goldwell. Goldwell is one of the leading players in the professional hair care market in Sweden. Kao Sweden AB has enjoyed rapid growth as a distributor for Goldwell. A well-developed, sales-driven system with industry knowledge and a talent for conceptual marketing have been success factors for Kao, which also represents OLYMP frisörinredningar (salon interiors and equipment). 


When Kao selected Jeeves ERP as its new ERP system, business process streamlining was one of the main goals, a goal that has been achieved according to Vice President Pähr Bennett. The ability to develop and streamline processes has resulted in an increased market advantage for Persea. For example, delivery time has been cut by a day and, today, it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes for an order to be picked and packaged.
”Our goal is to be number one in everything we do, and Jeeves ERP helps us achieve this,” said Bennet.
The speed of Kao’s processes is tremendously important, as most of the company’s customers are smaller hairdressers that value fast deliveries. Kao’s operation is characterized by small orders and large invoice volumes, with approximately 60,000 invoices per year. 
“The truth is that our routines and processes have become so much more effective that we’ve been able to streamline and reduce the workforce, on the financial side as well as in customer service,” said Bennet. “Jeeves ERP really gave us a boost. We have access to full support from all activities, and a great advantage is that we can analyze and search for transactions on a detailed level. Jeeves ERP gives us full control of every important parameter.” 


Kao Sweden AB has had a close collaboration with Jeeves ever since the system was installed, and Bennet considers the partnership valuable based on ongoing access to Jeeves’ consultants and product experts. “A lot of other consultants sell systems without understanding the operation, but Jeeves’ senior consultants understand both the operation and our needs, and are capable of developing the system accordingly,” said Bennet. “[Their understanding] is the key to our collaboration.”

Jeeves’ consultants understand both the operation and our needs, and are capable of developing the system accordingly.

— Pähr Bennet