Heat pump manufacturer chooses Jeeves

As a company faced with continuous development and growth, IVT selected Jeeves ERP as its ideal backbone, based on its ability to quickly adapt to changing business processes, as well as its unbeatably low total cost of ownership.


Founded by three brothers in 1968, IVT Industrier AB began by manufacturing drying equipment for the printing and graphics industry. Two years later, the Tranås, Sweden-based company began to develop heat pumps. Over the years, IVT developed a broad range of products, leading the company to a period of extraordinary growth and emerging as Europe’s largest manufacturer of geothermal-powered heat pumps. As of 2008, IVT exported more than 50 percent of its goods and employed several hundred workers. IVT traces its success to embracing a process of continuous improvement in its production and distribution efforts; a focus on the need for more efficient heating and cooling solutions; as well as a commitment to product innovation. In 2009, the company was renamed Bosch Thermoteknik, though the IVT heat pump brand is still strong.
“Important advantages with Jeeves ERP are the simplicity of upgrades and the fact that we receive great support for fully-automated flows,” said Joakim Thureby, IT-Manager for IVT/Bosch Thermoteknik.


For more than ten years, IVT has relied on Jeeves ERP to develop business processes. IVT selected Jeeves ERP in 1999 because the system delivered the lowest cost of ownership compared to other ERP products. Jeeves ERP was seen internally as the “best and most value for the money,” and continues to deliver on this proposition today, according to Thureby.
Fast expansion, especially during the 1990s, led to a point where IVT needed a more effective production foundation. The company had high standards for its new ERP solution: it had to be flexible, cost effective, and able to allow for ongoing customizations. “It is a great advantage that the core of the system isn’t affected by customizations, which means that we don’t need to consume time on safeguarding functionality,” said Thureby. “We already know that it assimilates the customizations and that it works.”
A lot has happened in the years since Jeeves ERP was first implemented. IVT has expanded through acquisitions and growth, and the Jeeves solution has continually been customized and developed to meet ongoing organizational demands. Jeeves ERP has been integrated into the Bosch Group’s SAP system, for one, and Thureby points to the multi-company functionality in Jeeves to be a great advantage. 
“It has been very easy to integrate the Finnish operation to the various systems being used, and Jeeves ERP also lays the groundwork for effective flows between our units,” he said. “At the same time, we can see the potential to streamline additional processes. Jeeves’ consultants help us in every major project, such as our venture into e-business, and also the business intelligence tool, QlikView.”


IVT has developed and produced heat pumps in Sweden for over 40 years. The company has approximately 400 employees. In 2011, the revenue for the corporation was over $151 million. IVT´s heat pumps are marketed and sold in Sweden through a nationwide net of specially trained retailers and IVT Centers. IVT has been owned by Bosch Thermoteknik since 2005, and in 2009 the name IVT Industrier AB was changed to Bosch Thermoteknik AB. The brand IVT Heat Pump is still strong and lives on. Bosch has invested in a high-tech training and development center for heat pumps in Tranås, employing about 50 personnel, where heat pumps are designed and then marketed under a number of brand names worldwide. 

Important advantages of Jeeves ERP are the simplicity of upgrades and the fact we receive great support for fully- automated flows.

— Joakim Thureby