EazyStock / Syncron

Inventory Planning for Jeeves ERP

EazyStock is a standardized cloud-based solution provided in three different editions suitable for the small business needs up to complex distribution networks. With EazyStock you get automatically up-to-date demand forecasts as well as optimal re-order points, order quantities and safety stock levels throughout the product life-cycle.

EazyStock is user-friendly and fast to implement and will offer the following benefits to the customer:

  • Raised service levels
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Inventory planning automation

The data is transferred either automatically using the Jeeves EazyStock adapter or via Excel files.

Syncron is the company behind EazyStock, the leading inventory and optimization solution for SMB manufacturers, distributers and wholesalers. Syncron has supported large enterprises for more than 20 years optimizing their global supply chains. With EazyStock, Syncron now opens up the possibility to offer world leading inventory management for small and midsized companies. More than 10,000 supply chain planners and purchasers in 96 countries depend on the Syncron solutions optimizing their inventory and improving their procurement processes.

Visit us at: www.eazystock.com


Inobiz is a leading provider of data integration systems and has been operating since 1996. Inobiz integration platforms and development tools for transformation and data mapping have been installed for more than 500 customers. Inobiz delivers an integration platform for business partners (B2B/EDI), applications (A2A/EAI), Cloud / Saas, and data / database in one solution. Inobiz products are mainly used in complex and performance-critical environments to integrate and connect systems within an enterprise (EAI) and / or between businesses (EDI), but also to integrate the systems with the Web (Internet). For more information, visit www.inobiz.se.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. As a certified gold partner, Jeeves enjoys a close working relationship with Microsoft, with access to its vast network of partners, development technologies, and applications. To become a certified gold partner, Jeeves demonstrated best-in-class capabilities within a Microsoft solution area (CRM and ERP) and proven competency in Microsoft technologies. For more information, visit mspartner.microsoft.com.


StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment (EDP) makes it possible for the world's leading companies to effectively communicate with their customers, partners and suppliers by automatically creating and presenting documents in any format via any distribution method, including printing, emailing, faxing, and archiving. StreamServe's EDP solutions help more than 4,600 customers in 130 countries present a rich array of customized business documents, interactively, electronically or in paper form. Customers include BMW, Posten, SEB, Volvo, Agis Insurance, and China Light & Power. StreamServe is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts USA. The company was founded in Sweden and has 15 offices around the world. StreamServe's packaged EDP solutions for Jeeves customers include templates for common business documents and and preselected distribution methods. The solution also can be further customized to align with specific business processes. For more information, visit www.opentext.com.


Pagero has delivered secure and competent payment programs to modern companies in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries since the beginning of the 1990s. Since the company's founding, Pagero programs have been sold to tens of thousands of companies around Scandinavia. The company now also offers total solutions in electronic invoices for small, midsize and large companies, both locally and on a global level. Pagero solutions increase efficiency, improve security, reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and help to minimize reliance on natural resources at no extra cost. For more information, visit www.pagero.com.


Mercur Solutions AB is a Swedish company with over 30 years’ experience delivering solutions for performance management and business intelligence. Mercur Business Control provides a company’s management and all authorized employees with a unitary, functionally rich, complete system for budgeting, forecasting, management by objectives, reporting and analysis. The system uses a central database, often with hundreds of decentralized users within the organization who can also use the system securely and effectively via the Internet. For more information, visit www.mercur.com.


LogTrade 2.0 är marknadens modernaste TA System i molnet. Du kan enkelt välja, beställa, spåra, överblicka och analysera transporter – elektroniskt och i realtid.
LogTrade har fler än 6 000 kunder i Norden. Vår produkt är inbyggd i flera av marknadens främsta affärssystem. Dessutom har vi standardkopplingar till ett femtontal andra affärssystem. LogTrades partnernätverk består av fler än hundra återförsäljare.   
Det som skiljer LogTrade 2.0 från konkurrerande TA system är att vår lösning är inbyggd i affärssystemet. På så sätt slipper du hantera två produkter. Samtidigt sparar företaget tid och pengar.  

LogTrade 2.0 har stöd för fler än tusen transportörer i Norden. Och det är enkelt för ditt företag att lägga in egna samarbetspartners. En annan fördel är att TA systemet passar alla transportbehov – från en handfull till tusentals sändningar per dag.  



QlikTech is the company behind QlikView, the leading business discovery platform that delivers user-driven business intelligence (BI). QlikTech's mission, “Simplifying decisions for everyone, everywhere,” is about harnessing the real potential of data — big and small — and unleashing its power to change the world. QlikTech was founded in Sweden in 1993 with the aim of solving critical problems for organizations of all sizes, including the largest global enterprises. More than 30,000 customers in 100 countries depend on QlikView to support their most important decisions. QlikTech's success has placed the company in the top three of Forbes’ 2012 list of America’s 25 fastest-growing tech companies, alongside Apple and LinkedIn. QlikTech has pioneered new ways of transforming data into meaningful information. QlikView makes data associative, creating easily-understandable visual relationships across multiple, complex data sources. It’s also mobile, social and collaborative. For more information on QlikTech and QlikView, visit www.qlik.com.