As part of a full-service cloud solution, you have a single point of contact for help. Gone are the days of trying to isolate and funnel support cases to different groups inside and outside your organization. From network and security to application management, you have one team and one support portal. Issues can be identified and resolved quickly—and even proactively—on a highly-monitored, reliable and predictable cloud implementation.

If and when there is a problem, we are ready to assist. We know you depend on Jeeves ERP solution to keep your operations running smoothly and your customers happy. That’s why we’ve assembled a talented and experienced team of product experts to ensure you’re leveraging your system to its fullest. Each Jeeves support analyst has an average of more than 12 years of direct product experience and more than 10 years of experience serving in a technical product support role.

Our support team loves what they do, and most of all, they enjoy helping our customers solve problems. Said one of our analysts: “I love helping our customers solve problems—especially when I can give them that ‘aha’ moment—usually by displaying a feature they may not be using in their current situation.”

Our support team is also incredibly passionate about the products they support. Another one of our analysts commented, “I love the product. I fell in love with it the first day I saw it. It has endless possibilities.”

Jeeves product support is powered by Jeeves’ world-class support system, allowing customers to submit questions, defects, product ideas and service requests via the phone, email or the Jeeves customer portal. Responses and resolutions are delivered within the hours of operation of Jeeves customer support: Monday-Friday 08:00 – 17:00 CET.

After hours, customers have 24/7 access to the customer portal, where they can track their case status and history, query the self-service knowledgebase, explore on-demand education and training, and access product documentation and news.

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Fully Maintained and Supported

Installation and Provisioning

Setup includes installing and configuring servers, as well as setting up monitoring, reports, and alerts associated with security, performance, backup and recovery. And, if you are upgrading, extending, or integrating your Jeeves ERP application, Jeeves ERP Cloud includes full provisioning services to ensure that your environment supports it.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor all aspects of your infrastructure, with assigned severities and alerts on performance, uptime, and security events, to name just a few. Our monitoring services help the Jeeves team to prevent and resolve issues in a proactive manner, as well as involve your team at the right time via a documented escalation process. Customers have full visibility into the processes and events being monitored within a dashboard.


The price for Jeeves ERP includes all maintenance fees, ensuring you have access to new technology and features as they are delivered. But unlike many SaaS solutions, you still retain control over how and when you upgrade. Upgrades can be scheduled when your business is ready for them.

Application Administration

Jeeves ERP Cloud includes application administration services, including the application of hotfixes, service packs, patches and upgrades to the core system.

Support and Education

Jeeves ERP customers have access to application and infrastructure support via the Jeeves Customer Portal. The portal offers tools to submit and track questions, defects, product ideas, and service requests. It also provides a platform for the support team to deliver 24/7 self-service via an FAQ knowledgebase, as well as access to news, product documentation, and on-demand education and training.

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SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Services for a Single Monthly Fee

Software as a Service

As a turnkey service, Jeeves ERP Cloud always represents the most current version of the Jeeves ERP application. With just an internet connection, you have access to Jeeves ERP’s comprehensive suite of functionality, as well as advanced configuration tools for non-technical users.

Key Features

Platform as a Service

Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers a powerful, open-standards-based platform service that allows for deeply personalized implementations. Just as with an on-premise solution, you can integrate with other systems, create custom features, or build out powerful workflows and reports. Jeeves ERP Cloud’s unique architecture ensures that all customizations are separated from the core feature set - ensuring that upgrades are fast, easy - and free (technical upgrades are included as part of the service and scheduled at your convenience).

Key Features

  • In-App Development Framework
  • Mobile Apps Framework
  • Integration Framework
  • Customization Framework

Infrastructure as a Service

With Jeeves ERP Cloud, you can be confident that your Jeeves ERP implementation is running on a world-class non-proprietary infrastructure; meets high security and compliance standards; and remains available and protected across a wide geographic range.

Key Features

  • Global Availability
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Security
  • Server and Database Infrastructure
  • Network


Fully Supported Cloud Service

While Jeeves ERP may eliminate operational costs and risk, you remain in control. You can pay for what you need, when you need it. You can upgrade when you’re ready. You have the freedom to build the customizations you want, and the integrations you require. You are not locked in by proprietary or limiting technology. Your ERP system is completely portable, open and flexible.

Put another way, when you put Jeeves ERP in the cloud, “Your ERP, Your Way” is taken to a whole new level. Leave the technical tasks to a team of experts. And spend more time and money fueling innovation and other areas of IT service.

Spend more time focusing on your business.

Benefits of the Jeeves ERP Cloud Solutions

Growing midmarket companies need something more than SaaS. They need the control, customizability and security of on-premise ERP systems combined with all the traditional benefits of cloud computing. You can have it all with Jeeves ERP in the cloud. It’s fully maintained and supported by Jeeves, but easily customized to work the way you do on your very own virtual private cloud.

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SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Services for a Single Monthly Fee

Jeeves ERP includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

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Fully Maintained and Supported

Jeeves ERP Cloud is fully maintained and supported by a dedicated team of experts with deep application, platform and infrastructure knowledge, making it easy for them to prevent, diagnose and resolve issues if and when they occur. As a result, a significant burden is lifted from the shoulders of your IT team members, who are challenged to divide their time, budget and competencies across your business’s vast IT landscape.

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Customer Cases


Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers turnkey solution for one of Scandinavia's fastest growing pharma companies

When Unimedic chose Jeeves ERP as its business system in 2007, the decision was primarily based on the company’s needs for a more effective production management solution. At the time, the company had no idea it would expand to become one of Scandinavia's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. Unlike other ERP systems, Jeeves ERP is built on a dynamic application model architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. Because of these system qualities, Unimedic was able to develop, adapt and upgrade the system as they expanded to become the company that is known today as Unimedic Pharma, part of the MedCap Group.

Jeeves ERP for Wholesale, Distribution and Retail

Syncing multiple companies and distributors across multiple geographies to custom process workflows is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing wholesalers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their unique way of competing in an increasingly complex world. They need an ERP system that was built from the ground up around the idea that all businesses are different, and continuously change over time. They need Jeeves ERP.

Jeeves ERP for Manufacturing

Syncing multiple companies and sites across multiple geographies to custom process workflows is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing manufacturers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their unique way of competing in an increasingly complex world. They need an ERP system that was built from the ground up around the idea that all businesses are different, and continuously change over time. They need Jeeves ERP.

Jeeves is Next-Gen Cloud ERP

ERP software products don't have to be a commodity, forcing companies to become more and more alike. At Jeeves, we believe software can be a differentiator, helping businesses exploit the unique processes and workflows that have been a part of their competitive advantage from the start. Bottom line, the standard we have for our software products is fit—either right out of the box or shortly thereafter via powerful configuration and customization tools.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Companies large and small now understand that they are not in the business of IT, nor can they rival the economies of scale and expertise delivered by cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. Even at the basic infrastructure layer, cloud computing cuts hardware, storage, network and IT labor costs by more than half—all while improving system performance, availability, and security and reducing risk to the business. As a cloud solution, Jeeves ERP delivers savings in all of these areas.

Cost reductions in the platform and software layers are typically harder to calculate. According to a report from Radar Ecosystem Specialists, a Nordic analyst research firm, Nordic companies, on average, upgrade their ERP systems 1.7 times over the life of an ERP system. But most systems aren’t easy to upgrade, especially once they’ve been customized. In fact, research shows that most upgrades cost more than half the initial system investment. So, upgrading even twice means paying for your system all over again. Because of Jeeves ERP’s low upgrade costs, the report named Jeeves ERP the ERP system with the lowest total cost of ownership in the Swedish market. 

Another Radar report, entitled How Cloud Empowers ERP Solutions, states that the best-practice solution for ERP is a virtual private cloud deployment that will:

  1. lower operational costs at the infrastructure layer and
  2. allow for value creation in the platform and application layer.

In the cloud, customizations and integrations are separated from the core Jeeves ERP system. As a result, upgrades are not only fast and easy—but also included as part of the service.

In the end, Jeeves ERP cloud customers are saving on their infrastructure costs, as well as freeing up IT funds that would have gone to upgrades. And where do these savings go? According to Radar Group, they should be redirected into the platform and application layers, delivering further innovation and business process alignment—and further value creation.


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Easy to Customize

Why do companies customize their ERP systems?

In the beginning, it’s to align functionality to critical business processes. Sometimes, software just doesn’t work the way you do. And, later on, it’s to support growth and change. Perhaps you’ve acquired a site in a new geography, or added a new product line. Whatever your strategic initiative is, your ERP has to support it.

From the beginning, we’ve designed Jeeves ERP to be easily and inexpensively customized. By easy, we mean that even someone with basic technical knowledge can do it. And by inexpensive, we mean that you won’t pay someone to rebuild it every time you upgrade.

Within Jeeves ERP, even your least technical employee can tackle advanced configurations. Using our powerful platform service, it’s easy to add fields and tabs to create custom views within the system. You can also create role-based dashboards in the design client. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to combine pre-built and browser-based widgets into a custom view. It’s also easy to create custom reports. You simply mark the fields desired, and they are easily exported into Excel for further manipulation. And for the slightly more technical, it’s also pretty simple to add your own Macros directly into the system.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to align Jeeves ERP with the way you work, and you don’t have to be a programmer to do it.

Now that’s your ERP, your way.


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Recorded events

In our webinar-based resources, you have access to all of our recorded webinars, ranging from educational product demonstrations to presentations on important trends affecting manufacturers and distributors. Browse our recorded webinars below.