Industry Challenges

The growth of the service sector began in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, and has surged from post-World War II and onward. The growth of the services industry is certainly a result of our global increase in productivity and automation—but also in part by the increasing availability of highly technical products, where customers have demanded that services supplement not only the sale, but the product’s entire lifecycle, including installation, repair, and technical support.

Several other factors come in to play affecting growth and competition in the increasingly complex service sector:

  • Self-service is one of the most important strategies service providers use to increase their productivity and competitiveness, as well as reduce operational costs. Computerization is allowing customers, suppliers and employees to perform their tasks and collaboration without the costs associated with face-to-face service engagements.
  • Free movement of labor within the EU is increasing both corporate and personal opportunities to gain access to cheap labor, especially within the construction industry.
  • Hyper growth in the IT sector has generated a range of new services, products and opportunities. Until the year 2000, the growth was mainly within enterprise data solutions, but during the last decade, a revolution with mobile devices and consumer applications has transformed both the way both individuals and businesses view service and support.
  • Businesses are having increasing success with outsourcing software development and services to lower-cost countries, changing the cost structures, workflows, and customer experiences associated with product-related services.

Even the best responses to industry challenges can be constrained by a rigid ERP solution. Jeeves ERP is a cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution for small and midsize businesses with operations in Sweden. Unlike other cloud and SaaS ERP systems, Jeeves ERP delivers a powerful platform service built on a genius architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. These customizations can be done in house, or by Jeeves’ professional ERP services team.

Jeeves ERP is built to address the core challenges and requirements of the services industry, with the ability to be further optimized to align with your company's unique business processes. The system comes with pre-built workflows, screen dialogues, reports, and business intelligence designed specifically for service providers—leading to a rapid system implementation, as well as a rapid system payback.

Jeeves ERP for Service

Jeeves ERP addresses the core functional requirements of growing service and professional services providers or for companies with mixed lines-of-business, including:

Anywhere Connectivity with Mobile Apps Solutions

Mobile apps solutions for service- and project-oriented operations increase the quality of administration, as well as reduce the lead time from job-scheduled to job-accepted, and from job-performed to billing. With Jeeves Mobile Apps Solutions, end users can access information, report time and material, and deliver on customer service standards.

Support for Project Management

Jeeves for Service has all the bases covered to manage projects, assignments, activities, resources, invoicing, financials, planning, inventory, and document management. Seen from the point of view of the ERP system, project-driven companies—such as professional services organizations, construction companies, and the entire contractor sector—have the same needs of steering and control. Jeeves for Service supports your requirements for several layers of services, materials, suppliers and milestones in each project.

Other key features for project management include:

  • Managing Projects
  • Revenue Recognition & Analyzing
  • Project Profitability
  • Project Tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Expense Allocations
  • Graphical Scheduling & Assigning Resources
  • Resource & Development Tax Credits
  • Mobile Apps for Project Reporting

Support for Service Management

Jeeves for Service supports your entire service process, including inquiry, estimation of time and materials, order management, planning, service reporting, billing, and plant maintenance. The solution allows you to directly track and manage your service technicians, minimizing administrative costs, and ensuring the most efficient and high quality delivery of service.

Other key features for service management include:

  • Customer Support & Contact Center
  • Service Contract Management
  • Graphical Scheduling of Orders & Technicians
  • Service Parts & Inventory
  • Warranty & Claim Management
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Depot Repair
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile Apps for service reporting.

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