Prepackaged Consulting Services

Sometimes, built-in, best-practice processes can be valuable—and ideal for the company seeking to build processes from scratch, or improve on poorly performing processes. For accelerated implementations, Jeeves offers prepackaged consulting services. These services are based on pre-built configurations of our solutions, with a set number of services hours to fit the solution to your environment.

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Consulting Services

The Jeeves mission is defined as helping our customers to competitively differentiate themselves through the automation of unique business processes. And while providing high-fit, feature-rich software gets us part of the way there, we know that employing industry, product and process experts who can provide a broad range of both traditional and non-traditional services, as well as world-class support and education, is critical to achieving our vision.

The Jeeves consulting services team has developed a unique services methodology that fosters a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries in order to act as a trusted business advisor. The Jeeves Agile Methodology is a rapid deployment methodology that utilizes iterative, time-boxed development techniques to deliver high-fit, configured solutions for our customers around the globe. As an organization that supports both cloud and on-premise solution deployments, we recognize that some services are best delivered remotely by a highly skilled team, while others are more effectively delivered by local consultants working directly with customers. Each services engagement is unique, but our methodology allows us to first understand a customer’s needs, and then apply the right mix of resources, keeping costs down while still meeting project requirements.

Jeeves service deployments leverage a variety of service types, including:

Complementary Solution Consulting

The Jeeves consulting services team maintains in-house expertise on all complementary solutions from our third-party technology partners that integrate with Jeeves. As such, Jeeves provides complementary solution consulting services that help customers implement, integrate and configure these solutions with their core application.

Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Services

Jeeves Business Intelligence is an adaptable analysis and decision support system, powered by QlikView, which either can be run as an integrated part of your system or stand-alone in a web browser or mobile interface. QlikView’s in-memory associative search technology allows users to freely explore information from multiple sources, rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. The Jeeves BI consulting service can help you identify the key measurements and performance indicators that are important to your business, as well as build the reports and dashboards that will help you monitor them. The service also can help you span beyond your ERP system data, and view it alongside data from disparate sources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting Services

When our customers demonstrate the need to manage complex customer relationships and require more robust CRM functionality than what is offered in our core system, Jeeves offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an integrated solution. The Jeeves CRM consulting service helps you implement and configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to align with your existing sales, service and support processes, while providing a seamless integration to your ERP solution from Jeeves.


Technical Consulting Services

Our technical consultants take on highly technical projects, ranging from customizations and bespoke development to infrastructure or application managed services.

Customizations and Bespoke Development

While our products give you and your IT team the power to develop your own fields, forms, process workflows, and reports, sometimes is easier and faster to outsource the project. The Jeeves Technical Consulting group can assist with any level of customization or bespoke development project. Whether you need functional modifications, report writing, custom-built apps, or integration services, the Jeeves technical consulting team is available to provide development services atop any Jeeves solution.

Mobile Solution Development

One of the most common development services Jeeves provides is mobility solutions. Regardless of the hardware or OS, the Jeeves technical consulting team can build apps and mobile applications that will bring your ERP functionality to phones and tablets and deliver ubiquitous connectivity to your workforce. 

Technical Readiness

Whether you plan to deploy your Jeeves solution on premise or on the cloud, most companies typically need their infrastructure to support at least four different environments prior to an implementation, including training, development, test and production environments. Our Technical Readiness service takes advantage of the Jeeves Cloud offering to spin up these environments for you at a fraction of the cost and investment. When it’s time to go live, you can move forward with the environments you choose in the cloud, or move them on premise if that’s your preference.

On-Premise Infrastructure Readiness

Our On-Premise Infrastructure Readiness service is not a managed service; rather, it is a one-time engagement meant to augment and accelerate your initial implementation. During an on-premise infrastructure service engagement, the Jeeves team will install and configure your internal servers and ensure the desktop application is properly integrated into your network. The infrastructure services team will also make recommendations, based on your existing environment, for security, monitoring, backup and recovery. Once the infrastructure is in place, and your IT team properly trained, we hand back the controls to be handled within your four walls.

Managed Services

Jeeves offers a range of application and infrastructure managed services, for both on premise and cloud solution deployments. Our managed service offerings include full service, end-to-end support of either your application and/or your infrastructure, essentially removing that burden from your internal IT team. Managed services combine the use of proven third party tools with a dedicated and skilled team of product experts to provide you a range of services, such as regular monitoring and provisioning; backup and recovery; security management; or patch and upgrade management. Customers use managed services to achieve a number of benefits, including faster system deployment; lower total cost of ownership; access to deeper infrastructure and application expertise; and improved security, control and uptime.

Application Consulting Services

Sometimes, a product expert who knows your solution inside and out … who has seen it implemented and used across hundreds of companies and witnessed thousands of use cases for each and every feature …  is just what you need. At Jeeves, we think the strongest software solution is one that will preserve the unique business processes of its users—workflows that capture the core of a company’s competitive advantage. To ensure your software is tightly aligned with the way you work, Jeeves offers application consulting services that can be tailored to meet just about any specific need.

Our application consultants have deep experience across the functional areas of our systems, including financial management, sales management, customer relationship management, manufacturing and production, projects and attendance, supply chain management, product management, service management and business intelligence. With your unique business in mind, our application consultants will combine their industry expertise with their knowledge of the application to deliver a personalized solution. With more than 500 years of combined experienced, Jeeves employs a tenured team of experts ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Implementation Consulting

Our unique implementation approach means we provide seamless, start-to-finish support of your business system implementation while helping you manage your implementation costs and minimizing business disruption. Utilizing our proven services methodology, we will provide the tools, documentation and best practices that help prioritize your project scope and requirements, manage the process for change, as well as set project expectations.

Calibration Services

Jeeves Calibration services are meant to ensure that all of your original system objectives are being met, and identify areas for improvement. Our Calibration services can be specific to a functional area or across all operational process flows. The service results in an inspection report that examines the alignment of business processes with existing system configuration. The report provides both observations and recommendations, including the identification of issues and their apparent root causes. Recommendations will be provided on how to overcome process inefficiencies, as well as documentation on how to better configure and/or utilize your Jeeves solution(s). 


Väderstad selects Jeeves ERP for rapid growth

Having seen sales quintuple over the course of a decade, Väderstad needed to reassess its business processes and acquire a modern, flexible, fully-integrated ERP system, capable of supporting the company’s projected growth across 12 international markets.

The vision, ”To deliver highly effective machines and methods to modern agriculture,” is an essential success factor for family-owned Väderstad Verken AB, based in Väderstad, Sweden. In 2011, the company had revenues of $255 million, which represented a five-fold increase since 2000. Väderstad has approximately 1000 employees in twelve countries, operating twelve fully-owned dealerships and two manufacturing companies. 


By the mid-2000’s, constantly increasing demand, expansion into new markets, and precipitated product development resulted in a demand for a new ERP system. In two consecutive years, Väderstad had doubled its revenues and this robust growth required an ERP system capable of supporting ongoing expansion. In 2008, the decision was made to replace Väderstad’s existing ERP system with Jeeves ERP. Ultimately, the company wanted a flexible, end-to-end ERP system capable of keeping up with rapid growth and process change.


”We found ourselves in a position where we seriously needed to both change and improve our workflows,” said Torbjörn Andersson, project manager at Väderstad. ”We quickly realized that it would cost as much to upgrade the current system, as it would to replace it with a new and modern ERP system. With Jeeves ERP, we have the advantage of a standard system, as well as the ability to continuously develop it. [We have a] system that can be adapted according to our flows and functional needs, at the pace of our operational change.”
”A comprehensive feasibility study and a vetting of the system by managers and key personnel laid the groundwork for a successful implementation of Jeeves ERP,” said Andersson. ”With Jeeves ERP, there are also methods supporting continuous improvement, additional integrations, and automation of administrative routines.”


According to Andersson, Väderstad has achieved tremendously improved logistics, increased inventory turnover, and reduced capital tied-up in inventory. Other advantages include a better real-time control of operations, since reliable data and figures are globally available to hundreds of users.


Swedish Orphan Biovitrum

Easy upgrades despite rigid quality controls

Faced with rapid growth, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum sought an ERP system that could manage its fast-paced expansion. In Jeeves ERP, the company has reliable support for its daily operations.

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum is a Swedish company that specializes in distributing and marketing drugs for rare and life-threatening diseases. The company was founded in 1988 and, for years, has been one of Sweden’s fastest-growing enterprises. The product portfolio includes about 50 different niche products, and the company has subsidiaries in several European countries.
The business operations make tough demands on proper system support. Traceability, document management, and comprehensive financial reporting capabilities are a must. The company considered a variety of ERP systems in the market, looking to provide a common platform to support the integration of its different business units, a smoothly functioning solution for logistics management, and outstanding expandability. Following the procurement process, the choice fell to Jeeves ERP.


“Jeeves has so many strengths,” said Astrid Wernered, systems manager for Jeeves at Swedish Orphan International. ”The learning curve for new employees is short, thanks to its extensive field help function. We can search every field in the entire database, it’s easy to print lists and reports, and the traceability is incredible. As a pharmaceutical company, we have to satisfy stringent requirements in terms of traceability and validation of data. We have a really great advantage with Jeeves ERP’s smart architecture and design.”


Like most Jeeves customers, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum has a small IT department for the administration of its systems. Users are good at making small changes and small adjustments that continually improve the various processes that the system supports.
“Today we have Jeeves installed in our Nordic companies,” said Wernered. ”In the near future, we plan to evaluate whether to deploy Jeeves ERP in more subsidiaries throughout Europe, as well as if we should introduce Jeeves ICT for intercompany transactions between the subsidiaries and warehouses to facilitate reconciliation of balances between group companies. Jeeves ERP gives us plenty of opportunities to boost our efficiency and gain better control.”


Jeeves’ philosophy of simple and rapid upgrades suits Swedish Orphan International’s IT strategy. The goal is to continuously implement upgrades at a low consultancy cost as new functionality is released to the market.
“We’ve chosen to always work with the latest version of Jeeves,” said Wernered. ”Since the time it takes to upgrade is so short, and we don’t need to cut back on our usual procedures, we have every reason to keep up with new developments.”
Briefly, an upgrade at Swedish Orphan International goes through the following steps:
  • A project plan is drawn up and tentative launch date set.
  • In parallel with the current version, the new release is installed on a test platform. This takes 1-2 days with some consultancy support.
  • The system administrator runs through the main flows, such as finance, logistics, and manufacturing, to review the changes in the new version. This takes 4-5 days without the help of consultants. At the same time, process owners run short tests, taking one day each. Once the flow tests of new procedures are completed, the final launch date is set.
  • The launch is done over a weekend and requires one day of consulting support. The master data is verified, and triggers and procedures are checked to be fully functional after launch. Afterwards, the new version is finally launched in the operating environment.
  • When the launch is complete, all the project and system documentation is updated.
Most of the tests are performed by Swedish Orphan staff themselves, based on test scenarios and test instructions provided for process owners and system administrators. The three process owners spend 2-3 days each testing, while the system administrator takes about five days. The actual duration of the project for the most recent upgrade was about two weeks.
“I’m still amazed that we achieved this in such a short time,”  Wernered added. ”And the fact that the cost of upgrades is so low is, of course, a big plus. Jeeves is clearly the right system for Swedish Orphan Biovitrum.”

DS Smith Packaging

DS Smith Packaging heightens service with Jeeves ERP

DS Smith Packaging abandoned its in-house developed ERP system after realizing its shortcomings. The decision to implement Jeeves ERP made DS Smith Packaging a more competitive company, with increased information management efficiency and heightened customer service levels.

DS Packaging Sweden works throughout the whole packaging chain, which includes design and production of packaging, as well as improvements to customers’ logistics. DS Smith Packaging has used the Jeeves ERP system in limited parts of its operations for several years. 
Jeeves had already helped DS Smith Packaging implement and develop the system to handle ordering, warehousing, invoicing, and purchasing in three DS Smith Packaging divisions, while also providing ongoing product support. Today, DS Smith Packaging is looking to expand its use of the Jeeves ERP solution to encompass the entire business.


DS Smith Packaging needs a system that integrated the entire operation, offering coordination benefits across all units, as well as controlling the entire process from design to finished product. The Jeeves ERP solution is now process-optimized to support DS Smith Packaging’s business. The information flow from a business inquiry to graphics, design and calculation to the final customer order now takes place based entirely on processes built inside the Jeeves system. “The fact that we’ve now grouped our processes in one single system means that we can maintain a much higher service level,” said Håkan Andersson, IT manager at DS Smith Packaging for the past 10 years. ”Our operation is integrated and our employees are integrated.”


Production is one of several functional areas in which the Jeeves ERP system benefits the company. The solution has enabled DS Smith Packaging to implement system integration within several production areas. The ERP system is now linked to the 100-meter long corrugated cardboard making machines. 
“In the Jeeves ERP solution, we’re directly connected to these large, corrugated cardboard making machines,” said Andersson. ”When we receive an order, it’s registered in the ERP system and then goes directly to the right machine. 
The unloading procedure is another business process that is made efficient with Jeeves ERP. DS Smith Packaging makes 200 million square meters of corrugated cardboard per year, but it’s impossible to have such large warehousing facilities. As soon as the product is finished, it leaves the factory and is delivered to customers or stored at forwarding agents. “We have equipped the forwarding agents with handheld computers that communicate with Jeeves ERP and show what needs to be delivered, as well as reporting [that shows] what has been delivered,” said Andersson.


Jeeves has worked alongside its solution partner SYSteam to achieve IT support changes throughout DS Smith Packaging. “In order to focus on developing cost-effective system support, you need close cooperation and a flexible solution that can adapt as the operation’s needs evolve,” said Anders Gidlund of SYSteam.


PIAB chooses Jeeves ERP to support growth

PIAB is a power user of Jeeves ERP,  making use of all the system’s application areas. As the company has grown internationally with resellers in various countries, the Jeeves ERP solution has been the key to successful integrations. 

PIAB is a global leader in industrial vacuum technology that develops and sells solutions for improving productivity and working environments in the graphical, medical and automobile industry, among others. Being a global leader entails designing, constructing and installing vacuum solutions in all corners of the world. PIAB’s organization is therefore widely distributed, with subsidiaries and distributors in more than 50 countries. The company’s headquarters is located in Täby, outside Stockholm, Sweden.


PIAB was founded in the 1950’s and enjoyed continuous expansion and development. As the business grew over time, so did the demands on the company’s former ERP system. Growing pains were felt at the headquarters in Sweden, as well as within the operations of each of the company’s subsidiaries. 
”There were several other competent ERP systems that fulfilled our needs; however, Jeeves ERP offered us a system capable to face our company’s future challenges,” said Stig Andersson, who was responsible for the Jeeves project at PIAB. ”At the same time, Jeeves and its [implementation] partner understood our business and our needs.”


PIAB implemented Jeeves ERP across its entire Swedish operation. Today, PIAB users in Sweden have a high system competence level and run a complex business with a large number of transactions. PIAB has high expectations for its Jeeves ERP system and needs to quickly be able to search for information to provide relevant reports for decision making. The company also looks forward to increased functionality that will streamline daily tasks, as well as open up new possibilities for integrated control and business development. 


When PIAB was acquired by the risk capital firm Altor, the company introduced a new growth strategy, followed by the acquisition of a large number of international resellers meant to strengthen the company’s distribution channel. Together with the support of a Jeeves implementation partner, PIAB adapted and implemented a comprehensive solution including Inter Company Transaction (ICT) management between subsidiaries, central inventory, and the parent company. ICT’s central feature reduced the number of manual registrations in the system. When an order is registered, the information is stored in a central database. Order acknowledgement, purchase orders, and invoices are then created automatically.
”The logistics flow is the key to success in our growing and increasingly internationalized business,” said Anderson. “The solution for transaction management between our companies, Jeeves ICT, is the most important feature in our ERP system. Today it controls and manages our entire European operation. We have a central inventory in Belgium, and our resellers can easily check inventory balances and order pumps and components.”
Centrally, the ICT gives an integrated picture of the inventory status, which improves PIAB’s production planning. In Germany alone, there has been a 60 percent improvement in delivery times, reduced capital tie-up, and less administration. PIAB plans to introduce similar solutions to its American business.


“Buying Jeeves was also buying in to the idea behind the Jeeves technology,” Anderson pointed out. “[The Jeeves architecture] allows for easy integrations and fast upgrades to new versions of Jeeves ERP.”
Jeeves differs from most other systems since the logic is not based on source code. Instead Jeeves ERP’s logic is stored in a database, which makes Jeeves very simple to integrate with other systems. Furthermore, the architecture stores all customer-specific adaptations in a separate database. This approach leaves PIAB’s adaptations intact when upgrading the standard system. A new version can easily be installed while existing adaptations are automatically carried forward.


PIAB has been a user of Jeeves ERP for years and remains satisfied. “Jeeves has developed close relationships with its partners and customers,” said Anderson, “which ensures that product development is intact through the chain. I feel that Jeeves listens to us as customers and considers our needs when developing their product concepts. That makes it possible to grow safely with Jeeves!”


Jeeves ERP helps Bufab cover the globe

Bufab has used Jeeves ERP for almost 10 years. Today, Jeeves is used in 22 of its 33 companies, and Bufab plans to implement the ERP system in more companies as the organization grows. 

Bufab is a wholesaler that not only supplies different types of fasteners but also manufactures them. The company’s operations encompass more than 100,000 different products and employs 750 people in 25 countries.


Previously, Bufab used a number of proprietary acounting systems that, for the most part, were not integrated with the rest of the ERP system. To boost efficiency between the companies and within the group, Bufab started looking for a common accounting and ERP system for all its wholesaling operations. Several fellow subsidiaries in other businesses were already using Jeeves ERP, so the choice was relatively easy. “Our existing systems could not be adapted to international use,” said Joakim Karlsson, Controller at Bufab. ”With Jeeves ERP, we were able to get international support in the markets where we operate. The fact that our fellow subsidiaries were extremely satisfied with the system just made the choice easier.” 
Another major advantage the Jeeves ERP system offered was that the system would be easy to adapt to changes in business needs and processes. Bufab wanted to provide an efficient logistics solutions for its customers and interact with them via its ERP system, with the aim being to cut indirect costs. Today, Bufab’s processes are controlled through Jeeves ERP and include integration with customer billing, scanning of invoices from suppliers, payment flows, internal and statutory reports, accounting, and other tasks.


Each country has its own rules for the presentation of annual reports, income statements, and balance sheets, for example, to comply with regulations. Some countries have their own charts of accounts, and different reports vary in appearance. A VAT report in the Czech Republic looks very different from a Swedish VAT report. Bufab had to take all of this into account, but at the same time keep things organized in order to maintain an overview of all its companies. To achieve visibility, Bufab created a standardized model that is common for all companies, specifying how information should be structured in the system. The central idea is to follow the model as far as possible, and only make those adjustments necessary to comply with local rules and regulations.
“By having a common model that we follow every time we implement Jeeves ERP in a new country, we avoid having to reinvent the wheel. Instead we can take an ’assembly-line’ approach to each roll-out, allowing us to focus our time on what is unique to that particular country,” Karlsson explained. For a standardized approach to work, the underlying ERP system must be sufficiently flexible. Fortunately, Jeeves ERP has the flexibility that Bufab’s  method demands, and a new system can be rolled out quickly.
“Jeeves has a short implementation period compared to other systems I have been involved with,” said Karlsson. ”It doesn’t take more than about a week to implement the system in a new country.”
When Jeeves is to be implemented in a new country, Bufab begins by spending a few days preparing a GAP analysis. This process entails analyzing what is unique to that particular country and how the standardized model needs to be adapted to those circumstances. Then the employees get two to three days of training. After that, the new system is ready to use. To guarantee that everything is working as planned, an evaluation is done when the first monthly report is scheduled to be produced in Jeeves ERP.
“We have gained a broader overview of operations in the different countries,” said Karlsson. ”Now we can compare our companies with one another – for example, Spain with France with Poland – and compare key performance indicators and outcomes in a completely different way than we could before. And that helps us manage better.”
Bufab also has gained better decision support. Reports can be generated faster and all according to the same standards. Previously, reports from different countries might look different, which complicated matters. “Jeeves ERP satisfies the legal requirements in all countries as well as the internal requirements we make at Bufab,” Karlsson added.