Financial Management

With Jeeves Financial Management, you can do things like:

  • Support multiple companies, currencies and languages.
  • Create financial workflows based on user defined roles or processes.
  • Easily search on any field, or any data point and drill down to single transactions.
  • Move, add or remove fields, as well as create your own tabs, buttons and reports.

Key Features

General Ledger

The Jeeves Financial Management general ledger is designed for companies who need a high level of financial control despite business complexity, including multiple sites and locations across multiple geographies. With automated integration between business operations and the general ledger, you can easily find and track transactions across multiple account dimensions. Through automated postings, based on predefined allocation and posting templates, the general ledger is continuously updated. To support external and internal reporting, there are robust reporting, simulation, and forecast possibilities, including predefined—though changeable—templates for a number of statutory reports. With the powerful report generator, you can also design your own drill-down reports, which can be easily exported if needed. Reporting is even further extended via Jeeves Business Intelligence, powered by Qlikview, as well as through the Jeeves Business Control solution, which assists with planning, budgeting and forecasting simulations.

Fixed Assets

The Jeeves Financial Management fixed assets functionality helps you easily manage the depreciation of your company’s tangible assets. By automatically posting fixed asset transactions, as well as calculating and booking depreciations directly into the general ledger, the fixed assets feature provides control of your assets from acquisition to disposal. 

Accounts Receivable

The Jeeves Financial Management accounts receivable functionality helps you optimize the process of managing the creation of an invoice through to a received payment. With payment terms controlled at the customer level and access to the customer credit information, you can create automation and reconciliation tools that allow you to view sales and payment history when entering an invoice, automatically post to the general ledger, and communicate with customers on overdue invoices, interest, debt collections and payment injunctions. Payments can be entered manually or by importing payment files from financial institutions, as well as expertly managed, via advance payment, debit, check, or lump sum across multiple currencies. Integration with the general ledger is automatically made via a journal, which generates a voucher in the general ledger.

Accounts Payable

The Jeeves Financial Management accounts payable functionality is deeply integrated with purchasing, the fixed assets ledger and the general ledger, allowing for process automation and reconciliation tools that will save you time and money. For example, you can automatically approve invoices, automate postings to the general ledger, and prioritize payments to optimize cash flow. Combined with the Jeeves e-Approval solution, you can create a digital workflow, matching scanned invoices with their payment status or a purchase order. Jeeves accounts payable also is flexible enough to handle the

complexities of your business, easily managing multiple purchase orders from multiple suppliers using different tax requirements and currencies.

Localizations and International Payment

Localizations can accommodate the financial requirements of a country or region, while maintaining financial process and data consistency across multiple companies or sites. Jeeves Financial Management supports localizations for more than 20 countries, including built-in processes that abide by local regulatory requirements, as well as other convenient localizations, such as invoice reference numbers and international banking validations. A number of outgoing payment routes and stored procedures are supplied as standard within the Jeeves solution, along with a template to work with other banks. Some examples are:

  • Telepay – Domestic and international payments via Norwegian banks
  • Credit advice and Direct Debit (ISO 20022 XML) – Domestic payments and cross border euro payments within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • DTAUS and DTAZV  – Domestic and international payments via German banks
  • BACS – Domestic payments via British banks and building societies
  • DTA – Domestic and international payments via Swiss banks
  • ACH – Domestic payments via United States banks

Multi Company/Multi Currency Management

Jeeves Financial Management was built for companies that are managing multiple sites or companies. The general ledger can be set up to reflect the balance sheets of individual companies, as well as consolidated for a corporate view. Moreover, you can optimize your international operations by providing a streamlined, flexible way to manage multiple currencies, exchange schedules, and currency fluctuations.

Financial Reporting

Using Microsoft Reporting Services, you can run standard financial reports, such as a Profit & Loss statement, a balance sheet, and a trial balance report. All report designs can easily be adapted to follow a branch or country standard. For companies operating in the EU, the financial management module also has robust functionality to handle VAT coding, calculation and reporting.

The Jeeves Financial Management application area has a high-performance integration with Microsoft Excel. You can easy search on any field or data point within the system to build lists. Lists can be exported into Excel, with perfect column transfer. Using the Jeeves open SQL database, data can be easily sliced and diced within Excel’s native pivot tables and reporting tools.

Integrations and Additive Solutions

Jeeves ERP can be extended by a number of integrations and additive solutions—some built by Jeeves; others built in partnership with leading software providers; and still others custom-built by our product experts leveraging the system’s open architecture and service builder tool. Additive application areas include:

Application Areas ERP
The core Jeeves ERP solution is broken down into eight application areas, augmented by powerful enterprise features and extended by additive solutions and integrations. Each application area represents the feature depth you can expect from an ERP solution with a 20-year history of research and development.
Jeeves eApproval is a web-based system for approving invoices. An invoice is registered in Jeeves ERP. The invoice registration then triggers the distribution of that invoice throughout the system and involves the appropriate users.
Jeeves eInvoice, powered by Pagero, allows you to create, send and receive invoices electronically. Customers with an eInvoice agreement in place will automatically receive invoices in any format they choose. Incoming invoices can be reviewed in Jeeves ERP and automatically posted the accounts payable ledger.
Business Intelligence (BI) Module
Jeeves BI is a pre-packaged business intelligence system that converts transactions within different parts of your Jeeves ERP system into searchable graphics and dashboards. With Jeeves BI, you can get an overview of all your business functions, including sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and finance—and from there, you have the ability to drill down into the details to ask the next question.

Manufacturing Management

The Jeeves manufacturing application area handles production from raw materials through finished goods, integrates seamlessly with the financial and distribution areas of the system, and helps you pinpoint where you can save time and money. The system also handles all types of planning and scheduling, including:

  • Master scheduling and planning
  • Finite capacity and bottleneck planning
  • Graphical planning and scheduling
  • Net requirements planning
  • Order pegging
  • Order dispatch planning
  • Demand forecasting 

Key Features

Jeeves Graphical Planning (JGP)

The Jeeves Graphical Planning toolset extends beyond finite capacity planning and leverages industry-standard scheduling rules to assigns time and resources, whether it is project work, production or both. With its drag-and-drop planning and scheduling interface, you can view, plan and schedule resources in a graphical manner. Using up-to-the-minute information on what has to be built and by when, this application can help you assess the consequence of demand against capacity, as well as simulate various what-if planning situations to identify the potential bottlenecks. System-generated schedules and a scheduling board put you in control of big picture planning and help you easily accommodate last-minute priority jobs and unexpected machine downtime.

Master Scheduling

With Jeeves Master Scheduling, you can use the forecasts for different market segments, product families or individual items to efficiently plan future material and resource requirements. Once a master schedule is generated, you can view how the capacities of different manufacturing resources are impacted, or alter it to take into account the current inventory of stocked items. The Jeeves Master Scheduling tools is designed for the needed iterations between sales and production, and offers approval tools and workflows for critical data. Jeeves Master Scheduling also can be used with product variant management. Since different models can have different sizes (or other attributes) in different markets, you can create forecast families per master item and allocate forecast shares to their variant items.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Jeeves MRP handles all forms of order-specific manufacturing, contract manufacturing, shop-floor reporting and net requirements planning. It provides integration with demand forecasts for items based on advanced replenishment rules and formulas, facilitating accurate material plans by item. Planners have total control over generation criteria including start and stop dates, planning bucket sizes, and a demand time fence. Jeeves MRP can be instantly accessed for material data from sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory screens and to tie specific material to a certain work order ensuring that vital material is available.

Production Orders

Production orders can be entered manually or generated automatically from customer orders, distribution orders or via MRP. Production orders can influence planning in a collective, or sub-order manner, depending on which best fits your environment. Once you have created a manufacturing order, you can do an availability check of materials against planned or available balances. Orders continue through to production based on the rules you set for material availability and the connected operations. You can allocate material in stock to production orders, as well as subcontract purchase orders for labor operations that will be carried out at another facility. Jeeves Manufacturing Management also supports the ability to create forecast orders that will make material reservations or build up safety stock for vacation planning.

Shop Floor Control (SFC)

Jeeves Shop Floor Control is designed for manufacturing companies with dynamic shop floor environments and intensive production reporting requirements. It provides all of the information your production team needs to make on-the-job production and workflow decisions, including real-time labor and production visibility.

Jeeves Shop Floor Control centers around the dispatch list, which is the core of the production process within Jeeves ERP. Production personnel can see which orders are to be run in a production group, and in what order. The dispatch list clearly indicates when an order cannot be started (e.g., due to a lack of material, or because the previous operation has not been completed). The dispatch list provides an overview of why the order cannot be started, and then suggestions for how to proceed. Operators can reschedule production work directly in the application with these inputs in mind. Reporting (e.g., start, sub-reporting, completion, interruption) can also be done from the dispatch list or by scanning barcodes.

Key features include indirect work reporting, team and group reporting, scrap reporting, team production, collection production, material issuing, receipts, labeling and label issuing, priority planning, and tool management. You can allocate time per machine, per employee, or automatically, as well as divide time on jobs across multiple employees or machines.

Jeeves SFC also is integrated with the Jeeves Electronic Document Management (EDM) application, allowing shop floor personnel instant access to drawings, instructions, and any other documents directly from the operation card.

Finite Capacity Planning

Jeeves Manufacturing Management includes functionality for workload control against finite capacity, meaning that you can identify workload ceilings for machines, workshop personnel, or other resources and link those to the current schedule, manufacturing orders, and workload details. When a manufacturing order is created, Jeeves attempts build a plan using the available capacity. Operations personnel are notified if the promise date is moved forward.

Job-Based Time and Attendance

Manufacturers and distributors must manage labor-intensive process across many people, shifts, and paygrades. Jeeves Attendance is designed for any company using Jeeves ERP that wants to automate the process of tracking and reporting employee attendance hours. On the shop floor, Jeeves can manage job-based clocking, including time spent per job, calculation of break times, and integration with general working calendars.

The Jeeves Time and Attendance feature allows your employees to enter time and attendance manually, via a barcode scanner, or by swiping a magnetic card. Managers and supervisors can enter different work schedules and labor codes to steward the data, eliminating the manual data entry and human error that typically impact production time.

Integrations and Additive Solutions

Jeeves ERP can be extended by a number of integrations and additive solutions—some built by Jeeves; others built in partnership with leading software providers; and still others custom-built by our product experts leveraging the system’s open architecture and service builder tool. Additive application areas include:

Application Areas ERP
The core Jeeves ERP solution is broken down into eight application areas, augmented by powerful enterprise features and extended by additive solutions and integrations. Each application area represents the feature depth you can expect from an ERP solution with a 20-year history of research and development.
Business Intelligence (BI) Module
Jeeves BI is a pre-packaged business intelligence system that converts transactions within different parts of your Jeeves ERP system into searchable graphics and dashboards. With Jeeves BI, you can get an overview of all your business functions, including sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and finance—and from there, you have the ability to drill down into the details to ask the next question.

Application Areas

Whether you are a to-order, to-stock, process, or mixed mode manufacturer, Jeeves delivers robust functionality for the process and discrete manufacturing environment, from raw materials and production prep, to shop floor reporting and attendance, as well as all types of planning and scheduling.
With the ability to support multiple warehouses, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and even multi-site customers and suppliers, Jeeves is optimized to support manufacturers and distributors of every configuration. The supply chain management module is designed to give you complete visibility of (and seamless collaboration with) your supply chain. You can extend the toolset with the warehouse management, transportation management, and EDI functionality of our technology partners.  
The Jeeves ERP solution features a complete financial management toolset that will help you manage traditional accounting and reporting, as well as mitigate the increasingly complex challenges of doing business across multiple geographies and currencies. This module is completely integrated with all other modules (e.g., manufacturing, projects) and sub-ledgers, and has full support for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and GAAP compliance.
ERP Sales and Customer Service
Whether your goals are to find new clients, or service your existing customers, Jeeves ERP includes fully integrated CRM functionality, plus a range of order fulfillment tools that will give your customer service reps the data they need to set realistic expectations around pricing, lead times, and deliveries. You can extend this module with the product configurator in order to assist customers with configuring order-unique products. With a 360-degree view of the business, your customer-facing team will be able to keep customers happy and provide more accurate revenue forecasts.
Your customers are interacting continuously with multiple people and departments within your organization, from your sales and marketing team to service and repair technicians and engineers. The Jeeves CRM module will help you track and manage these interactions, while giving you a complete view of your customer experience.
Product managers have a strategic, cross-functional role that requires visibility into every phase of the product lifecycle. With the Jeeves product management toolset, workflows can be built in Jeeves to manage a product launch process, from planning and design through QA and testing. Immaculate product data, combined with the transactions surrounding each of your product lines, gives your product managers the insights they need to ensure product profitability and identify areas for improvement.
Service Managment
Many manufacturers produce to-order or technical products that require aftermarket service operations. Jeeves ERP is equipped with a robust service management toolset that helps you plan, schedule, and track your services engagements. With built-in tools to manage traceability, contracts, warranties, and claims, you can proactively manage your services backlog. And with our new mobile field service app, you gain improved margins, better quality data from the field, and a more professional, modern work environment for your service technicians.
Jeeves supports project management and project-based manufacturing, with additional functions that report time against a defined project, while handling progress reporting and cost accumulation. This module delivers all the visibility and reporting you need to complete projects on time and under budget.

Executive Leadership

The Jeeves executive leadership team is comprised of functional leaders with rich software market and customer industry experience. Together, they work to ensure that Jeeves is delivering customer value while growing profitably. 

  • Christina Skogster Stange, General Manager
  • Bo Johansson, Director, Sales
  • Andrea Wetterberg, Director, Support & Education
  • Marina Åkerman, Director, Support
  • Magnus Grönvik, Director, Product Management
  • Gunilla Blixt, Director, Research & Development
  • Ann-Charlotte Jakobsson, Director, Finance
  • Ann Fredriksson, Director, Human Resources
  • Mikael Brodin, Director, Services
Headquartered in Stockholm, Jeeves is a provider of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for small and midsize companies with operations in Sweden. Founded in 1992, Jeeves has grown to serve more than 2,000 customers in 40 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia across a number of niche verticals within the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and services industries.

Resources - Files

In our file-based resources, you can find product information and collateral, including brochures, whitepapers, datasheets, case studies and more. Browse the available files below.

Technical Consulting Services

Our technical consultants take on highly technical projects, ranging from customizations and bespoke development to infrastructure or application managed services.

Customizations and Bespoke Development

While our products give you and your IT team the power to develop your own fields, forms, process workflows, and reports, sometimes is easier and faster to outsource the project. The Jeeves Technical Consulting group can assist with any level of customization or bespoke development project. Whether you need functional modifications, report writing, custom-built apps, or integration services, the Jeeves technical consulting team is available to provide development services atop any Jeeves solution.

Mobile Solution Development

One of the most common development services Jeeves provides is mobility solutions. Regardless of the hardware or OS, the Jeeves technical consulting team can build apps and mobile applications that will bring your ERP functionality to phones and tablets and deliver ubiquitous connectivity to your workforce. 

Technical Readiness

Whether you plan to deploy your Jeeves solution on premise or on the cloud, most companies typically need their infrastructure to support at least four different environments prior to an implementation, including training, development, test and production environments. Our Technical Readiness service takes advantage of the Jeeves Cloud offering to spin up these environments for you at a fraction of the cost and investment. When it’s time to go live, you can move forward with the environments you choose in the cloud, or move them on premise if that’s your preference.

On-Premise Infrastructure Readiness

Our On-Premise Infrastructure Readiness service is not a managed service; rather, it is a one-time engagement meant to augment and accelerate your initial implementation. During an on-premise infrastructure service engagement, the Jeeves team will install and configure your internal servers and ensure the desktop application is properly integrated into your network. The infrastructure services team will also make recommendations, based on your existing environment, for security, monitoring, backup and recovery. Once the infrastructure is in place, and your IT team properly trained, we hand back the controls to be handled within your four walls.

Managed Services

Jeeves offers a range of application and infrastructure managed services, for both on premise and cloud solution deployments. Our managed service offerings include full service, end-to-end support of either your application and/or your infrastructure, essentially removing that burden from your internal IT team. Managed services combine the use of proven third party tools with a dedicated and skilled team of product experts to provide you a range of services, such as regular monitoring and provisioning; backup and recovery; security management; or patch and upgrade management. Customers use managed services to achieve a number of benefits, including faster system deployment; lower total cost of ownership; access to deeper infrastructure and application expertise; and improved security, control and uptime.

Application Consulting Services

Sometimes, a product expert who knows your solution inside and out … who has seen it implemented and used across hundreds of companies and witnessed thousands of use cases for each and every feature …  is just what you need. At Jeeves, we think the strongest software solution is one that will preserve the unique business processes of its users—workflows that capture the core of a company’s competitive advantage. To ensure your software is tightly aligned with the way you work, Jeeves offers application consulting services that can be tailored to meet just about any specific need.

Our application consultants have deep experience across the functional areas of our systems, including financial management, sales management, customer relationship management, manufacturing and production, projects and attendance, supply chain management, product management, service management and business intelligence. With your unique business in mind, our application consultants will combine their industry expertise with their knowledge of the application to deliver a personalized solution. With more than 500 years of combined experienced, Jeeves employs a tenured team of experts ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Implementation Consulting

Our unique implementation approach means we provide seamless, start-to-finish support of your business system implementation while helping you manage your implementation costs and minimizing business disruption. Utilizing our proven services methodology, we will provide the tools, documentation and best practices that help prioritize your project scope and requirements, manage the process for change, as well as set project expectations.

Calibration Services

Jeeves Calibration services are meant to ensure that all of your original system objectives are being met, and identify areas for improvement. Our Calibration services can be specific to a functional area or across all operational process flows. The service results in an inspection report that examines the alignment of business processes with existing system configuration. The report provides both observations and recommendations, including the identification of issues and their apparent root causes. Recommendations will be provided on how to overcome process inefficiencies, as well as documentation on how to better configure and/or utilize your Jeeves solution(s). 

Complementary Solution Consulting

The Jeeves consulting services team maintains in-house expertise on all complementary solutions from our third-party technology partners that integrate with Jeeves. As such, Jeeves provides complementary solution consulting services that help customers implement, integrate and configure these solutions with their core application.

Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Services

Jeeves Business Intelligence is an adaptable analysis and decision support system, powered by QlikView, which either can be run as an integrated part of your system or stand-alone in a web browser or mobile interface. QlikView’s in-memory associative search technology allows users to freely explore information from multiple sources, rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. The Jeeves BI consulting service can help you identify the key measurements and performance indicators that are important to your business, as well as build the reports and dashboards that will help you monitor them. The service also can help you span beyond your ERP system data, and view it alongside data from disparate sources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting Services

When our customers demonstrate the need to manage complex customer relationships and require more robust CRM functionality than what is offered in our core system, Jeeves offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an integrated solution. The Jeeves CRM consulting service helps you implement and configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to align with your existing sales, service and support processes, while providing a seamless integration to your ERP solution from Jeeves.


Consulting Services

The Jeeves mission is defined as helping our customers to competitively differentiate themselves through the automation of unique business processes. And while providing high-fit, feature-rich software gets us part of the way there, we know that employing industry, product and process experts who can provide a broad range of both traditional and non-traditional services, as well as world-class support and education, is critical to achieving our vision.

The Jeeves consulting services team has developed a unique services methodology that fosters a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries in order to act as a trusted business advisor. The Jeeves Agile Methodology is a rapid deployment methodology that utilizes iterative, time-boxed development techniques to deliver high-fit, configured solutions for our customers around the globe. As an organization that supports both cloud and on-premise solution deployments, we recognize that some services are best delivered remotely by a highly skilled team, while others are more effectively delivered by local consultants working directly with customers. Each services engagement is unique, but our methodology allows us to first understand a customer’s needs, and then apply the right mix of resources, keeping costs down while still meeting project requirements.

Jeeves service deployments leverage a variety of service types, including:


Work With Jeeves Direct

From our headquarters in Stockholm and regional office locations across Sweden, Jeeves is a direct sales and services provider of Jeeves ERP, offering a wide range of consulting services, education and support.

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Our Partner Network

We underpin the direct sales, service and support of the Jeeves product lines with a vast network of partners that extend our global footprint as well as strengthen our solution offerings. You can search our partner network below, which includes value added resellers (VARs), system integrators, and professional service providers, who we refer to as solution partners, as well as technology partners who provide solutions that integrate with Jeeves products and services. Via our partner community, Jeeves serves more than 2,000 customers in 40 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia.