Why Jeeves ERP?

Eight Reasons to Choose Jeeves ERP

  1. Easy to Customize
  2. Easy to Upgrade
  3. Easy to Integrate
  4. Low TCO
  5. Cloud ERP Leadership
  6. Enterprise Features for Global Scale
  7. Quickly Deploy Additive Features
  8. Local Strategic Partner

Easy to Customize

Jeeves is designed to help you easily modify the system to suit your business from the start, and further customize it over time to support growth and change. And best of all? You don’t have to be an IT whiz to complete tasks that typically require full-time application support or services engagements from your ERP vendor. Companies choose Jeeves ERP because it delivers out-of-the-box-functionality accompanied by an unparalleled platform service that allows those with even basic technical knowledge to continually develop the system without risk.

Easy to Upgrade

Jeeves ERP upgrades are included as part of our cloud service, but unlike most cloud systems, there are no forced upgrades. You are in control of how and when you upgrade your system. What’s more, everything that’s unique to you, from the simplest of personalized fields to custom-developed apps, are kept isolated from the core system inside your site repository, allowing you to quickly take advantage of new features—without having to upgrade the ones you’ve built.

Easy to Integrate

Jeeves ERP’s open database design and service-oriented architecture gives it an inherent ability to easily integrate with any cloud or on-premise third-party system. What’s more, we’ve partnered with leading solution providers to offer prepackaged integrations.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

When you have a system that’s easy to customize, integrate and upgrade, you achieve a unique benefit. And that’s a low total cost of ownership. In fact, a recent study by Radar Group showed the Jeeves TCO to be the lowest in the Swedish market.

Cloud ERP Leadership

Jeeves ERP is a fully maintained and fully supported cloud solution, spanning software, platform and infrastructure services. It is designed to give you peace of mind that your entire Jeeves ERP IT environment - from hardware to software and everything in between - is guaranteed to run optimally and smoothly 24/7. Unlike other cloud and SaaS ERP products, Jeeves ERP delivers a powerful, open-standards-based platform service that allows for deeply personalized implementations and integrations, while retaining all the traditional benefits of cloud technology.

Enterprise Features for Global Scale

Jeeves ERP gives you the freedom to support the complexity of your organization today and tomorrow, with its inherent ability to support multiple companies or sites across multiple geographies and currencies. The system also includes enterprise-class features that are required by growing and changing businesses, from document management to master data management and workflow tools.

Quickly Deploy Additive Features

Traditional ERP software needs to be tweaked and subtracted from a large pile of code, and that’s difficult and expensive. And typical SaaS solutions are built for all tenants, with only basic configuration capabilities. Companies choose Jeeves ERP because it was built from the start to support ongoing customizations and development using an additive approach. And whether you develop it yourself or engage our services team to build it for you, our apps-driven development cycle allows you to quickly deploy custom functionality.

Local Strategic Partner

Jeeves is a true partner, taking care of our customers all the way from implementation to product support. Our account managers work to know your business inside and out, participating as a member of your team when internal initiatives and challenges can be augmented by our software solutions. Our talented industry, product and process experts have been serving the Swedish market for nearly 25 years, helping Swedish companies celebrate—and automate—what makes them different.

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ERP Software

ERP software products don't have to be a commodity, forcing companies to become more and more alike. At Jeeves, we believe software can be a differentiator, helping businesses exploit the unique processes and workflows that have been a part of their competitive advantage from the start. Bottom line, the standard we have for our software products is fit—either right out of the box or shortly thereafter via powerful configuration and customization tools.  When software is tightly aligned with the core challenges of a given industry or niche market—and even further, with the unique processes of an individual business—the return on investment is highest.

Jeeves is a growing and profitable provider of ERP software solutions for small to midmarket manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide. You can learn more about our portfolio of high-fit, ‘champion’ ERP product lines here, which include Jeeves ERP software and Garp ERP software.

ERP Software That ConstrainsMost companies looking for a new ERP software solution have done one of two things: either they’ve changed their business, or they’ve changed their software. Those that have changed their business are wasting uncounted hours on workflow mismatches and process workarounds. They’ve surrendered to the “best practices” hard-coded into their systems, and they know they’re operating no differently from their competitors. Those who have changed their software have spent unspoken amounts of money and resources on customizations.
If The Shoe Fits …Just like our customers in fashion, footwear, textiles and furniture, we believe that the most rewarding purchases extend beyond visual appeal and price. Think about your favorite sweater or pair of boots. We’d bet that the reason they’re your favorite is because, after meeting a certain quality standard, they fit perfectly.

Jeeves ERP Consulting Services

Our ERP Services Methodology

The Jeeves consulting services team has developed a unique services methodology that fosters a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries in order to act as a trusted business advisor. At Jeeves, each project is guided by an agile deployment methodology that utilizes iterative, time-boxed implementation techniques to rapidly deliver custom solutions to our customers. Our approach ensures that value is achieved early and often throughout the lifecycle of each customer’s Jeeves ERP implementation.

As an organization that supports both cloud and on-premise solution deployments, we recognize that some services are best delivered remotely by a highly skilled team, while others are more effectively delivered by local consultants working directly with customers. The Jeeves services methodology also pulls the right mix of resources from a global team of experts, keeping costs down while still meeting each customer’s unique project requirements.

Our ERP Consulting Services Offerings

Jeeves provides services that span the entire lifecycle of an ERP system, starting with new system implementation consulting. After the system go-live, the Jeeves consulting team works closely with our customers to provide ongoing system alignment services, from check-up and calibration services to bespoke customizations development. The team also offers services to extend any Jeeves ERP implementation, from third-party system integrations to mobile application development. When it’s time to upgrade or refresh the system, the Jeeves services team provides a range of services, from assessing your technical readiness, to assisting your team with change and project management. Similarly, the team is available to facilitate system rollouts to companies in new locations, or provide customized system training and education to both new and existing users.

Jeeves ERP consulting services cover a broad spectrum of project types because no two businesses are alike. When you combine our consultants’ product, industry and process expertise with your vision, you get personalized solution delivery, sprint after sprint.

Our Expertise

Sometimes, a product expert who knows your solution inside and out … who has seen it implemented and used across hundreds of companies and witnessed thousands of use cases for each and every feature …  is just what you need. Our application consultants have deep experience across the functional areas of our systems, including financial management, sales management, customer relationship management, manufacturing and production, projects and attendance, supply chain management, product management, service management and business intelligence. With 500 years of combined consulting experience and counting, you’re in good hands.

Industries & Customers

Syncing multiple companies and sites across multiple geographies to custom process workflows is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing manufacturers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their unique way of competing in an increasingly complex world. They need an ERP system that was built from the ground up around the idea that all businesses are different, and continuously change over time. They need Jeeves ERP.
Syncing multiple companies and distributors across multiple geographies to custom process workflows is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing wholesalers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their unique way of competing in an increasingly complex world. They need an ERP system that was built from the ground up around the idea that all businesses are different, and continuously change over time. They need Jeeves ERP.
Installing, repairing and supporting a vast range of highly engineered products across multiple sites in multiple geographies is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing service providers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their ideal customer experience. They need an ERP system that will be the foundation for self-service and mobility, as well as capitalize on offshoring and innovative partnerships. They need Jeeves ERP.


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User Association

Find out more about our customer-led Jeeves User Association (JUA), just one of the many ways that Jeeves customers collaborate with one another.

Learn more

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User Association

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Companies large and small now understand that they are not in the business of IT, nor can they rival the economies of scale and expertise delivered by cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. Even at the basic infrastructure layer, cloud computing cuts hardware, storage, network and IT labor costs by more than half—all while improving system performance, availability, and security and reducing risk to the business. As a cloud solution, Jeeves ERP delivers savings in all of these areas.

Cost reductions in the platform and software layers are typically harder to calculate. According to a report from Radar Ecosystem Specialists, a Nordic analyst research firm, Nordic companies, on average, upgrade their ERP systems 1.7 times over the life of an ERP system. But most systems aren’t easy to upgrade, especially once they’ve been customized. In fact, research shows that most upgrades cost more than half the initial system investment. So, upgrading even twice means paying for your system all over again. Because of Jeeves ERP’s low upgrade costs, the report named Jeeves ERP the ERP system with the lowest total cost of ownership in the Swedish market. 

Another Radar report, entitled How Cloud Empowers ERP Solutions, states that the best-practice solution for ERP is a virtual private cloud deployment that will:

  1. lower operational costs at the infrastructure layer and
  2. allow for value creation in the platform and application layer.

In the cloud, customizations and integrations are separated from the core Jeeves ERP system. As a result, upgrades are not only fast and easy—but also included as part of the service.

In the end, Jeeves ERP cloud customers are saving on their infrastructure costs, as well as freeing up IT funds that would have gone to upgrades. And where do these savings go? According to Radar Group, they should be redirected into the platform and application layers, delivering further innovation and business process alignment—and further value creation.


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Easy to Upgrade

According to a recent report by Radar Group, the average length of ownership of an ERP system is 12 years. And a little known fact? The initial ERP implementation typically represents just 25% of the total cost of ownership over time. 

So where do the other costs come from?

One of the biggest areas is upgrades. Companies, on average, upgrade their ERP systems about 2 times over the life of an ERP system. Upgrades keep the system current, refreshing the technology and delivering newly available functionality. But most systems aren’t easy to upgrade, especially once they’ve been customized.

In fact, Radar Group says that most upgrades cost more than half the initial system investment. So, upgrading twice means paying for your system all over again.

At Jeeves, we have solved that problem. Our upgrades don’t impact existing customizations or require data migration – that’s why over 90% of our customers are on, or moving to, our latest version.

The technical process of upgrading Jeeves ERP can be done in a matter of minutes (and, it’s included as part of our cloud service). From there, the upgrade process is simply a matter of change management. Many of our customers budget a week or two to evaluate new features, and compare them to existing processes. After deciding how to move forward and some internal testing and training, they are up and running in no time—and with no added expense.

With Jeeves ERP, you are in control of how and when you upgrade. You are not dependent on the availability system experts to guide you through the process, nor are you constrained by the cost of their expertise.

Now that’s your ERP, your way.


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Recorded events

In our webinar-based resources, you have access to all of our recorded webinars, ranging from educational product demonstrations to presentations on important trends affecting manufacturers and distributors. Browse our recorded webinars below.


At Jeeves, we believe that education is integral to the full lifespan of your Jeeves implementation, and we understand how important a well-informed, knowledgeable employee is to the success of your business. To help you deliver ongoing training and education to both new and existing system users, Jeeves offers a variety of education and training options.

Visit our events page to see a schedule of upcoming product-focused webinars and seminars. There, you’ll also have access to recorded webinars.

As part of the Jeeves support agreement, customers have unlimited access to an in-depth training curriculum via a customer portal, where both scheduled and on-demand courses are available to all types of users, from beginner to power user. Courses are designed to be taken in small increments of time, minimizing time away from the job and eliminating travel expenses.

Should you have the need for custom or on-site training, perhaps to prepare for an upgrade or develop your advanced power users, the Jeeves education team can offer personalized assistance in developing a training plan, as well as prepare and deliver the material. Personalized training is billed at an hourly rate.


We know you depend your ERP solution to keep your operations running smoothly and your customers happy. That’s why we’ve assembled a talented and experienced team of product experts to provide you with support and ensure you’re leveraging your system to its fullest. Each Jeeves support analyst has an average of more than 12 years of direct product experience and more than 10 years of experience serving in a technical product support role.

Our support team loves what they do, and most of all, they enjoy helping our customers solve problems. Said one of our analysts: “I love helping our customers solve problems—especially when I can give them that ‘aha’ moment—usually by displaying a feature they may not be using in their current situation.”

Our support team is also incredibly passionate about the products they support. Another one of our analysts commented, “I love the product. I fell in love with it the first day I saw it. It has endless possibilities.”

Jeeves product support is powered by Jeeves’ world-class support system, allowing customers to submit questions, defects, product ideas and service requests via the phone, email or the Jeeves customer portal. Responses and resolutions are delivered within the hours of operation of Jeeves customer support: Monday-Friday 08:00 – 17:00 CET.

After hours, customers have 24/7 access to the customer portal, where they can track their case status and history, query the self-service knowledgebase, explore on-demand education and training, and access product documentation and news.

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Jeeves ERP Customers

Garp ERP Customers

Beyond Product Support

At Jeeves, we put our customers first, and you can see it in every aspect of the business. Outside of support, you’ll find all of our departments working in concert to address your ongoing solution improvement needs:

  • Our product management team builds product feedback channels into every stage of the product development process to ensure that our solutions are 100 percent customer driven and approved.
  • Our education team builds high-value education offerings to empower every level of user, from novice to veteran.
  • Our marketing team hosts an education- and networking-centric user and partner conference, as well as regular industry best practice and educational product webinars. The Jeeves marketing team also is dedicated to ensuring that you receive product- and company-related information via customer emails and newsletters.
  • Our engineers handle escalations on support requests; release patches to address urgent customer needs and quality assurance; build documentation and product manuals; and develop the new features customers are asking for.
  • Our tenured product and industry consultants are available to provide a number of consulting services to meet your unique needs.
  • Our account management team is always available to guide you in getting the products, resources, services and assistance you need, fast. As your central point of contact, your account manager will work with you via regular strategic account planning sessions.

Complementary Solution Consulting

The Jeeves consulting services team maintains in-house expertise on all complementary solutions from our third-party technology partners that integrate with Jeeves. As such, Jeeves provides complementary solution consulting services that help customers implement, integrate and configure these solutions with their core application.

Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Services

Jeeves Business Intelligence is an adaptable analysis and decision support system, powered by QlikView, which either can be run as an integrated part of your system or stand-alone in a web browser or mobile interface. QlikView’s in-memory associative search technology allows users to freely explore information from multiple sources, rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. The Jeeves BI consulting service can help you identify the key measurements and performance indicators that are important to your business, as well as build the reports and dashboards that will help you monitor them. The service also can help you span beyond your ERP system data, and view it alongside data from disparate sources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting Services

When our customers demonstrate the need to manage complex customer relationships and require more robust CRM functionality than what is offered in our core system, Jeeves offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an integrated solution. The Jeeves CRM consulting service helps you implement and configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to align with your existing sales, service and support processes, while providing a seamless integration to your ERP solution from Jeeves.