As part of a full-service cloud solution, you have a single point of contact for help. Gone are the days of trying to isolate and funnel support cases to different groups inside and outside your organization. From network and security to application management, you have one team and one support portal. Issues can be identified and resolved quickly—and even proactively—on a highly-monitored, reliable and predictable cloud implementation.

If and when there is a problem, we are ready to assist. We know you depend on Jeeves ERP solution to keep your operations running smoothly and your customers happy. That’s why we’ve assembled a talented and experienced team of product experts to ensure you’re leveraging your system to its fullest. Each Jeeves support analyst has an average of more than 12 years of direct product experience and more than 10 years of experience serving in a technical product support role.

Our support team loves what they do, and most of all, they enjoy helping our customers solve problems. Said one of our analysts: “I love helping our customers solve problems—especially when I can give them that ‘aha’ moment—usually by displaying a feature they may not be using in their current situation.”

Our support team is also incredibly passionate about the products they support. Another one of our analysts commented, “I love the product. I fell in love with it the first day I saw it. It has endless possibilities.”

Jeeves product support is powered by Jeeves’ world-class support system, allowing customers to submit questions, defects, product ideas and service requests via the phone, email or the Jeeves customer portal. Responses and resolutions are delivered within the hours of operation of Jeeves customer support: Monday-Friday 08:00 – 17:00 CET.

After hours, customers have 24/7 access to the customer portal, where they can track their case status and history, query the self-service knowledgebase, explore on-demand education and training, and access product documentation and news.

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Fully Maintained and Supported

Installation and Provisioning

Setup includes installing and configuring servers, as well as setting up monitoring, reports, and alerts associated with security, performance, backup and recovery. And, if you are upgrading, extending, or integrating your Jeeves ERP application, Jeeves ERP Cloud includes full provisioning services to ensure that your environment supports it.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor all aspects of your infrastructure, with assigned severities and alerts on performance, uptime, and security events, to name just a few. Our monitoring services help the Jeeves team to prevent and resolve issues in a proactive manner, as well as involve your team at the right time via a documented escalation process. Customers have full visibility into the processes and events being monitored within a dashboard.


The price for Jeeves ERP includes all maintenance fees, ensuring you have access to new technology and features as they are delivered. But unlike many SaaS solutions, you still retain control over how and when you upgrade. Upgrades can be scheduled when your business is ready for them.

Application Administration

Jeeves ERP Cloud includes application administration services, including the application of hotfixes, service packs, patches and upgrades to the core system.

Support and Education

Jeeves ERP customers have access to application and infrastructure support via the Jeeves Customer Portal. The portal offers tools to submit and track questions, defects, product ideas, and service requests. It also provides a platform for the support team to deliver 24/7 self-service via an FAQ knowledgebase, as well as access to news, product documentation, and on-demand education and training.

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SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Services for a Single Monthly Fee

Software as a Service

As a turnkey service, Jeeves ERP Cloud always represents the most current version of the Jeeves ERP application. With just an internet connection, you have access to Jeeves ERP’s comprehensive suite of functionality, as well as advanced configuration tools for non-technical users.

Key Features

Platform as a Service

Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers a powerful, open-standards-based platform service that allows for deeply personalized implementations. Just as with an on-premise solution, you can integrate with other systems, create custom features, or build out powerful workflows and reports. Jeeves ERP Cloud’s unique architecture ensures that all customizations are separated from the core feature set - ensuring that upgrades are fast, easy - and free (technical upgrades are included as part of the service and scheduled at your convenience).

Key Features

  • In-App Development Framework
  • Mobile Apps Framework
  • Integration Framework
  • Customization Framework

Infrastructure as a Service

With Jeeves ERP Cloud, you can be confident that your Jeeves ERP implementation is running on a world-class non-proprietary infrastructure; meets high security and compliance standards; and remains available and protected across a wide geographic range.

Key Features

  • Global Availability
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Security
  • Server and Database Infrastructure
  • Network


Fully Supported Cloud Service

While Jeeves ERP may eliminate operational costs and risk, you remain in control. You can pay for what you need, when you need it. You can upgrade when you’re ready. You have the freedom to build the customizations you want, and the integrations you require. You are not locked in by proprietary or limiting technology. Your ERP system is completely portable, open and flexible.

Put another way, when you put Jeeves ERP in the cloud, “Your ERP, Your Way” is taken to a whole new level. Leave the technical tasks to a team of experts. And spend more time and money fueling innovation and other areas of IT service.

Spend more time focusing on your business.

Benefits of the Jeeves ERP Cloud Solutions

Growing midmarket companies need something more than SaaS. They need the control, customizability and security of on-premise ERP systems combined with all the traditional benefits of cloud computing. You can have it all with Jeeves ERP in the cloud. It’s fully maintained and supported by Jeeves, but easily customized to work the way you do on your very own virtual private cloud.

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SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Services for a Single Monthly Fee

Jeeves ERP includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

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Fully Maintained and Supported

Jeeves ERP Cloud is fully maintained and supported by a dedicated team of experts with deep application, platform and infrastructure knowledge, making it easy for them to prevent, diagnose and resolve issues if and when they occur. As a result, a significant burden is lifted from the shoulders of your IT team members, who are challenged to divide their time, budget and competencies across your business’s vast IT landscape.

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Customer Cases


Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers turnkey solution for one of Scandinavia's fastest growing pharma companies

When Unimedic chose Jeeves ERP as its business system in 2007, the decision was primarily based on the company’s needs for a more effective production management solution. At the time, the company had no idea it would expand to become one of Scandinavia's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. Unlike other ERP systems, Jeeves ERP is built on a dynamic application model architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. Because of these system qualities, Unimedic was able to develop, adapt and upgrade the system as they expanded to become the company that is known today as Unimedic Pharma, part of the MedCap Group.

Jeeves ERP for Wholesale, Distribution and Retail

Syncing multiple companies and distributors across multiple geographies to custom process workflows is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing wholesalers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their unique way of competing in an increasingly complex world. They need an ERP system that was built from the ground up around the idea that all businesses are different, and continuously change over time. They need Jeeves ERP.

Jeeves ERP for Manufacturing

Syncing multiple companies and sites across multiple geographies to custom process workflows is either expensive or impossible with most ERP software. Growing and changing manufacturers need an ERP system that will allow them to automate and streamline their unique way of competing in an increasingly complex world. They need an ERP system that was built from the ground up around the idea that all businesses are different, and continuously change over time. They need Jeeves ERP.

Jeeves is Next-Gen Cloud ERP

ERP software products don't have to be a commodity, forcing companies to become more and more alike. At Jeeves, we believe software can be a differentiator, helping businesses exploit the unique processes and workflows that have been a part of their competitive advantage from the start. Bottom line, the standard we have for our software products is fit—either right out of the box or shortly thereafter via powerful configuration and customization tools.

Cloud ERP Leadership

Cloud computing technology is here to stay. Research shows that more than two-thirds of small and medium sized business have plans to, or have already moved their enterprise application stack to the cloud. And, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any viable software vendor, ERP software included, that doesn’t offer a cloud-based solution.

Cloud technology continues to gain the most traction at the infrastructure level. IT infrastructure is now a commodity and should be treated as such. Like any hosting partner, Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers a resilient, secure, available, and elastic infrastructure at a significantly lower cost and risk to your business. You get best in class security, backup and disaster recovery, and guaranteed system uptime and availability.

But Jeeves ERP Cloud is much more than hosting. It is a turnkey, end-to-end solution that is optimized for running the Jeeves ERP application and fully maintained and supported by Jeeves. For a single monthly fee that includes provisioning, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and support services, you have peace of mind that your implementation will be performant and up to date and that all issues can be diagnosed and resolved quickly by a dedicated team of experts operating under guaranteed SLAs.

With all of these tasks out of the way, you can focus on what’s most important: running your business.

Now that’s your ERP, your way … in the cloud.


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Enterprise Features for Global Scalability

Multi-Company, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

Jeeves ERP was built for enterprises that are managing multiple sites or companies across multiple geographies operating in different languages and currencies. It even handles multi-site customers and suppliers. Regardless of the complexity of your business, Jeeves ERP can be easily configured to support it.

The Jeeves financial management features can reflect the balance sheets of individual companies, as well as a consolidated corporate view. The system has built-in tools to help you manage multiple currencies, exchange schedules, and currency fluctuations. Jeeves ERP also delivers localizations for more than 20 countries, including built-in processes that abide by local regulatory requirements, as well as other convenient localizations, such as invoice reference numbers and international banking validations.

Other features like Intercompany Transactions and Master Data Management, described below, ensure that data flowing from company to company is accurate and consistent.

Intercompany Transactions

The Jeeves Inter-Company Transactions (ITC) application makes it possible for businesses with complex, geographically dispersed structures to operate as a single entity when working directly with customers. The tool is well suited for companies with one or more distribution centers, manufacturing units, or even remote sales offices. Because Jeeves ICT coordinates the logistical operations across many organizations, including order details, financial transactions, and general inventory flow, the application delivers a significant return on investment, including reduced inventory costs, dramatically shortened lead times, and improved customer service.

Jeeves ICT provides a completely transparent view across all of your companies, allowing users to see item balance information at all supply sites, as well as the demands placed upon them by a selling site. The information exchange in the order process across your companies is fully automated, both for customer and inventory orders. If any order details change, such as the selling company, order quantity, or price, Jeeves ICT will instantly update the order detail for the supplying company. It is also possible for the supplying company to make changes that will affect the selling company.

Master Data Management

The amount of data a typical organization produces continues to grow, in part due to increased complexity and geographic diversity. With data everywhere, organizations often struggle to establish and maintain data integrity and consistency across the organization and supply chain. Jeeves Master Data Management allows you to centrally create and manage data, as well as define rules for data entry, modification, replication, deletion, and conversion across multiple business units.

Some of your data may be common across all your companies, but maybe only your selling companies have the right to update that data. Or, perhaps some of your data needs to be converted as it moves from company to company. For example, an item may have the acquisition method “Manufacture to Requirement” at the delivering company, but “Purchase to Requirement” at the selling company. Regardless of the number of complexities you need to address, Jeeves Master Data Management was designed to facilitate data integrity across your business.

Document Management

Companies like yours must create, update, and maintain all kinds of documents and unstructured information. Whether its an illustration or a contract, documents need to be housed centrally, with the most current version readily available when it is accessed. Jeeves EDM is for companies that need to manage high volumes of important artifacts within their core business processes.

Jeeves EDM (Electronic Document Management) is a fully integrated document register that gives users access to files stored on a central file server, where you can browse for a desired file, create a new file from a template, or access previous versions of the file. Files are presented to the users “at the time of need,” and in relation to objects, transactions, or activities within the Jeeves ERP system.

Documents can be linked to all relevant business objects in Jeeves ERP, such as customers, items, orders, invoices, operations, projects, and more. Linked files are also available for sharing over the Internet. Jeeves EDM is system-wide, meaning that documents are available from any program. For example, if a saved document relates to an order entry, it is not only linked to that order; it is also automatically linked to the customer.

Jeeves EDM has a customizable interface and handles all windows-compatible file types, including email.

Workflow Management

Jeeves Workflow is a workflow management tool that allows you to automate and streamline standardized tasks and business processes, often in accordance with a structured quality system. Using Jeeves Workflow, tasks can be pushed to the right person within the organization at the right time. Processes can be built for sequential and if-then tasks, utilizing integrated data from your core Jeeves ERP system.

Jeeves Workflow creates a priority to-do list for each individual, along with with built-in deadlines for each task. You can automate all or part of the process, and the log function enables you to follow up on the status of a process, or how well it was executed. Jeeves Workflow overcomes the typical problems associated with the timely and proper completion of predefined tasks, as well as streamlines the flow of tasks from resource to resource. With standardized processes, there is less room for error, and a simpler path to training and ramp time for new employees. With reliability in process comes reliability in data, helping your team become more proactive and make better on-the-job decisions.

Security Manager

Jeeves Security Manager helps preserve the integrity and quality of the underlying data in your system and ensures the system optimally supports your core business processes. It keeps your end users focused on doing work in the proper areas of the system, while preventing them from making errors that delete or change data that is critical to your day-to-day decision-making.

Jeeves Security Manager allows permissions to be set using an intuitive, graphical tool. Menu and screen permissions are inherited from modules and their linked objects. These permissions are easily extended or modified, based on modules, routines, programs, reports, or fields, and without making intrusive database changes. All permissions are based on the conventional standard events: create, read, update, delete, and execute. In addition, any custom-built fields or programs can also be controlled by the Jeeves Security Manager.


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Quickly Deploy Additive Features

ERP technology has been around for quite some time.

The architectures of many “best practice” systems available today were built decades ago to fit a handful of companies. These systems are often plagued by rigid databases and older technology that are difficult to evolve over time.

More recent architectures tried to resolve this rigidness by building incredibly robust and configurable horizontal systems. However, the cost of the implementation process was extended, in order to sift through the massive code base and turn features on or off.

When multi-tenant SaaS architectures arrived, they addressed the new issues of complexity and cost, but delivered “lowest common denominator systems” for everyone – that were again … difficult to customize.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jeeves ERP is different. Unlike most systems, Jeeves ERP is implemented using an additive process, rather than a subtractive one.

When we say additive design, we mean more than how easy the system is to customize and integrate. We mean that it’s easy to change and extend your system with new code. Many of our customers develop their own apps on a regular basis using our Apps Builder Toolkit. Other customers get apps from Jeeves, and simply import them into their code base.

Whether you build it yourself, or Jeeves builds it for you, Jeeves ERP’s additive architecture design separates hard-coded functionality from the core system, making it fast to deploy new features (and easy to upgrade them).

So there you have it. Jeeves ERP makes it far more easy and affordable to reinvent your system. You simply build, import, and go.

Now that’s your ERP, your way.


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