Merit Consulting

Merit was founded on the vision of an improved universe of client-dedicated production and value-added processes. Merit turns this vision into reality through optimized flow and key support from its enterprise IT solutions, including Jeeves ERP. Presently, Merit has nearly 300 employees in 9 countries, serving 500 clients in 18 countries. Since its start-up in 2004, Merit has been nurturing a clear and focused strategy: to offer the best industrial expertise. Merit prides itself in collaborating with its clients to deliver custom-made solutions. Merit's state-of-the-art knowledge of the industry, extensive know-how of IT, business processes, software and process development, and crystal-clear understanding of user experience, are the keys to achieving the highest standard of quality on all deliveries. For more information, visit

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Jenexus Business Solutions delivers comprehensive integrated business management solutions for fast growing and midmarket businesses. Jenexus helps solve your needs in process and discrete manufacturing, distribution, oil & gas field service, service management, project management and sales force automation. Jenexus's specialized approach is to concentrate on the business processes that drive your enterprise, because we believe that software is merely a tool to help improve the flow of information. We strongly maintain that it is the underlying processes--and their impact on streamlined transaction flows, critical business metrics, and improvements in company performance and customer service--that drive value from any investment in new software. For more information, visit


CompuTec partners with best-in-breed software and hardware providers to deliver custom-designed solutions for your business. From the smallest shop to the largest multinational, our alliances and nearly 20 years of experience mean your business receives the right solution at the right price, every project, every time. For more information, visit

QBC Systems

Since 1978, QBC Systems has provided business solutions improving the profitability and competitiveness of wholesale/retail distribution centers and retail store outlets. QBC System's goal is to deliver sophisticated functionality that is affordable and easy to implement, use and maintain. For more information, visit

The ERP Pro

The ERP Pro is a Jeeves ERP solution partner, offering implementation and consulting services, as well as product support. For more information, please email or call +1 (239) 565-8012.

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