Installation and Provisioning

Setup includes installing and configuring servers, as well as setting up monitoring, reports, and alerts associated with security, performance, backup and recovery. And, if you are upgrading, extending, or integrating your Jeeves ERP application, Jeeves ERP Cloud includes full provisioning services to ensure that your environment supports it.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor all aspects of your infrastructure, with assigned severities and alerts on performance, uptime, and security events, to name just a few. Our monitoring services help the Jeeves team to prevent and resolve issues in a proactive manner, as well as involve your team at the right time via a documented escalation process. Customers have full visibility into the processes and events being monitored within a dashboard.


The price for Jeeves ERP includes all maintenance fees, ensuring you have access to new technology and features as they are delivered. But unlike many SaaS solutions, you still retain control over how and when you upgrade. Upgrades can be scheduled when your business is ready for them.

Application Administration

Jeeves ERP Cloud includes application administration services, including the application of hotfixes, service packs, patches and upgrades to the core system.

Support and Education

Jeeves ERP customers have access to application and infrastructure support via the Jeeves Customer Portal. The portal offers tools to submit and track questions, defects, product ideas, and service requests. It also provides a platform for the support team to deliver 24/7 self-service via an FAQ knowledgebase, as well as access to news, product documentation, and on-demand education and training.

Learn more about our support offering.

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