Business Intelligence

Many companies, regardless of what industry they’re in, have a similar set of problems when it comes to analysis and reporting. First, their daily visibility and decision-making are guided by static reports—reports that often require time and expense to modify when new questions are asked. Second, many reports are often showing an incomplete set of data, usually because the full picture requires an integration of data from multiple sources and proprietary systems. Last, companies that have done a good job of tracking data over time have begun to face the complexities associated with analyzing large volumes of data over time—without crashing their antiquated OLAP cubes.

With the Jeeves Business Intelligence (BI) application area, powered by QlikView, you gain an adaptable analysis and decision support system, which either can be run as an integrated part of Jeeves ERP or stand-alone in a web browser or mobile interface. QlikView’s in-memory associative search technology allows users to freely explore information from multiple sources, rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions, as well as quickly and easily analyze large volumes of historical data.

Like the core Jeeves ERP solution, Jeeves BI is easy to adapt and use, and doesn’t require extensive hand-holding from your IT staff in order to build long-awaited reports. Jeeves BI includes a pre-defined data model; pre-defined line-of-business-based reports; a set of robust, line-of-business-based BI apps; as well as application-specific features like validation tables. Once in the Jeeves BI app, you use its intuitive clickable interface to query data and drill down to transaction-level data. Data is aggregated with dashboard-like, smart graphics that are easily modified, as well as easily validated with functions like export-to-Excel. As you work with your Jeeves ERP data, you will quickly see how easy it is to add filters and dimensions to your queries, or even integrate data from another disparate system. You also can analyze data and trends with colleagues using the system’s unique collaboration features.

Key Features

Jeeves BI Bundles

The Jeeves BI bundles are embedded into your Jeeves ERP solution as part of the core product. While these predefined, line-of-business-based reports are built using the QlikView platform, they are static reports that cannot be modified. These reports use data for the past 24 months and come with a standard set of filters. There are embedded BI tabs for the following functional areas: sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, warehouse, supply chain, service, projects, production, shop floor, and opportunities.

Jeeves BI Apps

The Jeeves BI apps are standalone apps, developed by either Jeeves or one of its partners, that are available for purchase and require a licensed QlikView server. When you purchase a Jeeves BI app, you can fully leverage the QlikView technology, including the ability to modify reports and dashboards, look at larger blocks of data, drill down to single transactions, export to Excel, and more.

The Jeeves BI apps allows you to identify the key measurements and performance indicators for your line-of-business operations and monitor them. There are Jeeves BI apps for the following functional areas: sales, opportunities, financials, warehouse, purchasing, and production. Each area includes pre-packaged analyses, as well as the ability for you to modify and expand them using your own filters, queries, and data display preferences.

  • Sales: Invoice statistics. Sales over time. Profitability analysis.       
  • Opportunities. Sales pipeline. Future income. Activity analysis.
  • Purchases: Supplier evaluation. Delivery control. Price differences. Currency differences.
  • Warehouse/Distribution: Inventory value. Inventory turnover. Delivery precision. Late deliveries.
  • Financials: Current P&L and Balance sheet. Due invoices. Liquidity analysis. Credit time analysis (AR & AP).
  • Production: Reported quantity. Delivery precision. Scrapped quantity. Reported/planned time.


Jeeves BI, powered by QlikView, is accessible from any tablet or smartphone. Now, you and your team can have ubiquitous connectivity to your enterprise data in order to confidently make decisions—whenever and wherever they need to be made.